All Instruments Must Be Cleaned Before Disinfection or Sterilization

  •  Pre-soak instruments in cool water, with or without detergent
  • Clean with warm water and detergent
  • Use a small brush
  • Use utility gloves and ensure instruments are visible to avoid cutting your hand
  • Rinse with clean warm water for 30 seconds

Disinfectants will only work if instruments have been properly cleaned.

  • to disinfect:
    • Soak in the disinfectant for the appropriate contact time
    • For detailed information on disinfectants and contact times, see the Disinfection of Instruments & Equipment Fact Sheet
  • to sterilize:
    • Air dry and store in a clean, covered container until ready to sterilize
    • For detailed information on sterilization see the Sterilization – Infection Prevention & Control Fact Sheet

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