This information is not intended to be inclusive of all approved high, intermediate and low-level disinfectants. For more information, visit the pages below and view the disinfection of instruments & equipment chart.


High-Level of Disinfection

High-level disinfection kills all micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) except large numbers of bacterial spores.

Intermediate Level of Disinfection

Intermediate level of disinfection kills most bacteria, fungi, viruses, and mycobacteria (tuberculodial) but not bacterial spores.

Low-Level of Disinfection

Low-level of disinfection kills some viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Concentration of disinfectant solutions may be verified using test strops if available and included in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Disinfectants are only to be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dispensed or decanted disinfectants must be kept clearly labelled with the name of the product in a covered container.

Glutaraldehyde is not allowed in PSS because of issues concerning toxicity, disposal, ventilation, and lack of training.

The information on these pages in not intended to be inclusive of all approved high, intermediate, and low-level disinfectants.

This information is adapted from the Public Health Ontario Guide to Infection Prevention and Control in Personal Services Settings.