• Record the client’s name, address, telephone number, the date and type of procedure and the name of person giving the piercing.
  • Record manufacturer, lot number and expiry date for pre-packaged sterile items including jewellery.
  • Keep client records, accidental exposure and pre-packages sterile items records for at least three years with a minimum of one year (365 days) on site.
  • Provide the client with information about the procedure and any associated risks.
  • Clean and disinfect headrests, worktables and chairs. Use a low-level disinfectant between clients.
  • Clean your hands before putting on single-use disposable gloves and after removing the gloves.
  • Put on a new pair of single-use disposable gloves for each client.
  • Before marking the skin, clean the area with an approved antiseptic such as 70% isopropyl alcohol. Use a disposable swab or single use marker. One minute after the ink has dried, but before piercing, clean the site again with an approved antiseptic.
  • After each client the hand held piercing device is to be cleaned and then disinfected.
  • Disposable parts/cartridges must be discarded into the garbage after each client.
  • Piercing devices cannot be stored with used parts left on them.
  • After disinfection, store the piercing device in a sanitary manner to prevent contamination
  • Piercing devices that do not come with sterile, single-use disposable parts must be cleaned  and then sterilized between each client. If the ear piercing instrument cannot be sterilized in a sterilizer, it cannot be used.
  • Opened packages of jewelry are no longer sterile. These items cannot be used to pierce the skin of the next client.
  • Pre-packaged, sterile jewelry or parts must not be cleaned or disinfected before piercing.
  • Only pre-packaged, sterile jewelry can be used for piercing.
  • Jewelry used for piercing cannot be sampled or returned.
  • Every client should be told and receive written information on how to care for their piercing and what they should do if it becomes red, swollen or uncomfortable.

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