Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death and disease in Ontario. Tobacco kills half of all its long-term users. That equates to 36 Ontarians a day or 13,000 Ontarians per year.

We want to help the public to live tobacco-free by providing information on:

  • ways to support youth to remain tobacco-free
  • creating an environment free of second-hand smoke
  • how to quit smoking

Preventing Tobacco Use in Youth

Learn how Toronto Public Health works with youth on tobacco related issues.

Second-hand Smoke & the Law

Learn about second-hand smoke and why there is no safe level of exposure.


Learn about enforcement actions taken under the authority of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Health Effects of Smoking Hookah/Shisha

Learn about the health effects of smoking Hookah/Shisha.

How to Quit Smoking

Learn how to start the quitting process.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Have a plan for withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.