A hookah is a device that is used to smoke moist tobacco or non-tobacco (herbal) products known as shisha. Hookah and shisha use is becoming increasingly popular in Toronto, as it is often considered a healthier option than cigarette smoking. However, both tobacco and non-tobacco shisha smoke pose serious health risks to smokers and individuals exposed to second-hand smoke.

Beginning April 1, 2016, “hookah” or “waterpipe” smoking will be prohibited in all establishments licensed or required to be licensed under Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 545, Licensing. Establishments include cafes, bars/restaurants, stores and other businesses. For more information regarding Business Licensing requirements please call 416-392-6700 or email mlsbusinesslicence@toronto.ca. For more information on the prohibition of hookah smoking in licensed establishments or to report a violation, call 416-338-7600 or email publichealth@toronto.ca.