Last updated: November 21, 2022

COVID-19 vaccination is an important layer of protection for workers, their families and the community. Staying up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccines, including any booster dose(s), is the best way to protect against becoming seriously sick from COVID-19 and long COVID. Having a high vaccination rate will protect employee health, reduce absenteeism and increase workplace safety.

Strategies to encourage employee vaccination:

  • Provide vaccine information from credible sources and in multiple languages.
  • Highlight the benefits of having a high vaccination rate at your workplace (reduced absenteeism, increasing workplace health & safety).
  • Lead by example and stay up-to-date on all recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses, including any booster dose(s).
  • Share your reasons for getting the vaccine.
  • Consider recruiting workplace vaccine champions to talk about why they got vaccinated and to help staff understand vaccine benefits.
  • Post information about nearby vaccination clinics in common areas.
  • Offer flexible work hours and/or paid time off for employees to get vaccinated.
  • Remind workers of their sick pay entitlements if they feel unwell after getting vaccinated, such as up to three paid sick days under the Employment Standards Act.
  • Consider using vaccine incentives such as gift cards, prizes or company swag.
  • Host an on-site vaccination clinic.


Please note: The information provided on this webpage does not contain legal advice and should not be relied on or treated as legal advice; those for whom these recommendations are intended may seek their own legal advice for their specific circumstance. Workplaces should continue to review and update their policy based on the best up-to-date evidence and public health advice. While strongly encouraged, these recommendations are voluntary, and are not intended to be legally enforceable.

Key Components in a Vaccination Policy

  1. Develop a communication plan
    • Have a clear communication plan to inform workers about the policy. You can use these sample messages to communicate with workers.
  1. Identify the scope and purpose.
    • A COVID-19 vaccination policy should include statements about its scope and purpose. The policy may make statement such as:
      • Workplace health and safety is a priority.
      • The workplace is committed to taking reasonable steps to encourage COVID-19 vaccination among workers in order to protect them from the hazard of COVID-19.
      • The policy is designed to maximize COVID-19 vaccination rates among workers as an important layer of protection against COVID-19.
      • The policy applies to (indicate whether it applies to all workers, contractors, and/or agency staff).
  2. List actions and supports for workers.
    • The policy should encourage and support workers to get vaccinated. For example:
      • Strongly recommend that workers stay up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccine doses, including any booster(s) when eligible.
      • Strongly encourage workers to seek information from credible sources.
      • Provide workers with flexible hours and/or paid time off to help them get vaccinated.
      • Provide workers with paid time off if they are not feeling well after vaccination.
  3. Staff contact
    • Identify who at your organization workers should contact with questions about the policy or for more information.



Employers interested in hosting an on-site vaccination clinic are invited to complete a short survey to register for an initial assessment call. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Please only complete the survey if:

  • You have a business or are representing an organization in the City of Toronto (postal code beginning with M). If your business or organization is outside Toronto, please use the Provincial Public Health Unit Locator to find your local public health unit; and
  • You are the person(s) responsible for your business or organization.

Express interest in hosting an on-site vaccination clinic

Ontario workers may qualify for up to three days of paid sick leave under provincial legislation. They may take time off work to get vaccinated or if they have side effects from the vaccine. Employers can apply for reimbursement for this paid leave. The program is currently retroactive to April 19, 2021 and has been extended to March 31, 2023. Visit the Ontario COVID-19 Worker Income Protection Benefit page to learn more.


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