The deadline to submit a 2024-2025 Fall Grant Application or Appeal is Friday, October 25, 2024 at 4 p.m.


The goal of a student nutrition program is to ensure that students who are at risk for poor nutritional intake have access to safe, adequate and nutritious food during the school day. Student nutrition programs provide nutritious meals and snacks to students to give them the nutrients and energy they need to be ready to learn. Every day, over 211,000 Toronto students participate in student nutrition programs.

Student Nutrition Programs Improve Learning

Student nutrition programs are a cost-effective way to promote health and learning among children and youth. Although they can’t replace adequate income support, they can:

  • Provide nutrients and energy so that students are ready to learn and participate in school
  • Create healthier eating habits, which can help reduce the risk of early onset chronic disease
  • Support better scores in math, reading and science

All participants benefit from student nutrition programs, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Student nutrition programs work best when they are available to all students within a school community.

Grant Applications & Appeals

Learn about student nutrition program funding eligibility, criteria, timelines and how to apply student nutrition program grants online through Toronto Grants, Rebates and Incentives Portal (TGRIP).

Nutrition Guidelines

Learn more about nutrition guidelines for student nutrition programs.

Food Safety Requirements

Learn more about food safety requirements for student nutrition programs.

Support Available for Student Nutrition Programs

Learn more about supports available to help operate a student nutrition program.

Training & Resources

Learn more about food safety and nutrition training and resources.