Student nutrition programs provide healthy meals and snacks to children and youth. Every day, 208,000 Toronto students participate in these breakfast, snack and lunch programs. Each student nutrition program is unique and a reflection of its community; they are operated in schools and community sites by volunteers and staff.

Student Nutrition Program Grant Applications

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Student Nutrition Program Workshops

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Programme de bonne nutrition des élèves

Les programmes de bonne nutrition des élèves procurent des collations et des repas nutritifs aux enfants et aux jeunes.

Food Safety Equipment Requirement

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Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to award a grant to all qualified applicants or to all programs that received a grant in the past. Funding priority is given to student nutrition programs that have received a municipal and/or provincial grant within the last three years.

Student nutrition programs can’t replace adequate income support, but they do:

  • Provide nutrients and energy so that students are ready to learn and participate in school.
  • Create healthier eating habits.
  • Help prevent obesity.
  • Support better scores in math, reading and science.

Student nutrition programs in the City of Toronto are supported by Student Nutrition Ontario -Toronto, a partnership which consists of:

  • Toronto Public Health
  • Toronto District School Board
  • Toronto Catholic District School Board
  • Conseil scolaire Viamonde
  • Toronto Foundation for Student Success
  • The Angel Foundation for Learning
  • FoodShare

Student Nutrition Ontario – Toronto offers several kinds of support to help student nutrition program grant holders run their programs safely and successfully.

  • Toronto Public Health dietitians, school board representatives, and student nutrition community development animators may visit your program during the year to offer support, as needed.
  • Free Food Safety and Nutrition workshops are offered throughout the year.
  • Public Health Inspectors may visit your program to ensure that it meets food safety regulations including food safety equipment requirements.
  • Training and ongoing support for monthly financial reporting and fundraising is available from the Toronto Foundation for Student Success and the Angel Foundation for Learning.
  • Skill development workshops on various topics are offered by Student Nutrition Ontario – Toronto community development team.

Student Nutrition Programs Improve Learning

Student nutrition programs are a cost effective way to promote health and learning among students. Take a look at these reports describing student nutrition programs in Toronto and other cities.

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