Deadline for late applications and appeals: Friday October 25, 2019 at 4 p.m.


New for the 2019/2020 Student Nutrition Program (SNP) grant application, there will be two application options. Depending on your current program status, you can submit either a renewal application or full application.  Read on to find out which option is best for you.

Apply with the 2019/2020 SNP grant renewal application if:

  • You received a 2018/2019 municipal and/or provincial grant for your SNP, and
  • You are applying for the same type of program(s) (e.g.: currently funded for a morning meal and would like to continue this morning meal program in 2019/2020), and
  • The program will run continuously for the entire 2018/2019 school year (i.e. Fall/2018 to Spring/2019).


Apply with the 2019/2020 SNP grant full application if:

  • Your site received a 2018/2019 municipal and/or provincial grant for your SNP, but would like to change the type of program (i.e. change from breakfast to morning meal); or
  • Your site received a 2018/2019 municipal and/or provincial grant for your SNP, and you would like to also apply for funding for another SNP at your site (i.e. currently run a breakfast program and would like to add a morning meal); or
  • Your site received a 2018/2019 municipal and/or provincial grant for your SNP, but your program stopped or will stop running at some point during the 2018/2019 school year; or
  • Your site did not receive a 2018/2019 municipal and/or provincial grant for an SNP.


If you need help to determine which type of application is your best option, review the – Questions & Answers: Full application versus renewal application

If you still have questions, contact your School Board Representative or your Community Development Animator.


Application Forms:

  • Full Grant Application form – Kindergarten to Grade 12 Note: there is only one application covering both elementary/middle schools and high schools English, French
  • Renewal Grant Application Form – Kindergarten to Grade 12. Note: there is only one application covering both elementary/ middle schools and high schools EnglishFrench
  • Program Menu Form (to be used with the full application only when applying for more than one program) English, French

All applications will be considered for two separate government grants*

  1. City of Toronto Student Nutrition Program grant.
  2. Ontario Student Nutrition Program grant offered by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. Information about this grant is available from the Ministry’s website in English and French.

*Except new eligible independent schools which will only be considered for municipal funding.

Funding Eligibility

Unfortunately, at this time, it is not possible to award a grant to all qualified applicants or to all programs that received a grant in the past. Funding priority is given to student nutrition programs that have received a municipal and/or provincial grant within the last three years.

The City of Toronto awards grants to some school communities to help them offer a healthy meal or snack to their students. The goal of the grant is to help programs serve healthier foods and operate more days a week.


  • Funding covers only a small portion of total program costs and is based on individual program needs.
  • Most funding for programs comes from parental contributions and local fundraising.

To be eligible for a Student Nutrition Program grant, your program must:

  • Provide breakfast, morning meal, snack or lunch to school-aged children or youth
  • Operate in a publicly funded elementary or high school in Toronto, unless the program has maintained funding since 2007
    Note: No new afternoon snack, lunch or dinner applications are being accepted.

Breakfast and morning meal programs receiving provincially enhanced funding are encouraged to operate five days per week, offer meal programming during the morning hours and offer full meals. Other programs must operate a minimum of 2 days a week.

Funding Criteria

All programs receiving a municipal and/or provincial grant are required to meet certain funding criteria. These include:

  • Serve food according to the Student Nutrition Program Nutrition Guideline
  • Be offered to all students, regardless of their ability to contribute financially
  • Serve foods that promote faiths and cultures of students
  • Submit financial and activity reports every month
  • Always have at least 1 person on site when the program is running who has been to the Student Nutrition Program Food Safety and Nutrition workshop training within the past two years. Encourage all volunteer Student Nutrition Program coordinators and other volunteers to attend this free workshop offered by Toronto Public Health.

The Full Application and Renewal Application Guide has the full funding criteria details.

Grant Application Resources

You can learn more about the grant by reading the following information: