Food plays a powerful role in promoting health, as well as building strong and diverse communities, protecting the environment and strengthening the economy. There is rising concern about the role that our current food system plays in a range of problems – hunger, obesity, chronic disease, food safety scares, the viability of local farm communities, environmental pollution, and more. To address these problems, many cities, including Toronto are embracing a strategic approach to food with a view to enabling a healthy sustainable food system.

Part of this includes working on Food Projects in collaboration with community partners to enable a healthier and more sustainable food system for all.

The Toronto Food Strategy Team, working alongside the Toronto Food Policy Council, partners with City staff, institutions, community agencies and the private sector to facilitate effective policy and regulatory change and to incubate initiatives to expand access to healthy, affordable and diverse food, and create good food jobs.

The Toronto Food Strategy was adopted by the Board of Health in 2010. This report is entitled ‘Cultivating Food Connections: Toward a Healthy and Sustainable Food System for Toronto’. If you would like to obtain a copy of this report, please email

For yearly updates on this 2010 report, view the Board of Health Reports section on the Toronto Food Strategy Background page.