Health care professionals are in a unique position to support parents in the optimal growth and development of their children through early assessment and interventions.

The parent/caregiver and child relationship, in the first three years, plays a crucial role in the child’s development which can influence the rest of their life.

18-Month Well-Baby Visit

Early intervention in response to developmental concerns has a positive effect on children’s development and behavioural outcomes. Health care professionals play a vital role in completing the 18-month well-baby visit.

Health care professionals’ role during the visit:

  1. Complete the Rourke Baby Record at the 18-month-old check-up.
  2. Encourage families to complete the Looksee Checklist by NDDS.
  3. If a developmental concern is identified refer to services through CITYKIDS at 416-920-6543 or Surrey Place at 416-925-5141.

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More Information

  • More information, including certified online learning programs and resources for health professionals related to Ontario’s Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit

Parenting Programs and Services

  • Parenting programs for parents/caregivers with children from newborn to six years old are offered at various locations across the city.
    • Health Professionals may refer patients to parenting services by calling 416-338-7600.
    • Patients may self-refer by calling 416-338-7600. For more parenting information, visit Healthy Parenting on our public site.
  • Telephone Counselling
    • Public Health Nurses are available at 416-338-7600, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to provide telephone support and referral for parenting, and community resources.


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