Updated May 2024

Health care professionals are in a unique position to support parents in the optimal growth and development of their children through early assessment and interventions.

The parent/caregiver and child relationship, in the first three years, plays a crucial role in the child’s development which can influence the rest of their life.

Early intervention in response to developmental concerns has a positive effect on children’s development and behavioural outcomes. Health care professionals play a vital role in completing the 18-month well-baby visit.

Health care professionals’ role during the visit:

  1. Complete the Rourke Baby Record.
  2. Encourage families to complete the 18 month Looksee Checklist.
  3. If a developmental concern is identified refer to services at Surrey Place 1-833-575-KIDS (5437).

    More Information

      • Parenting Services
        • Public Health Nurses are available Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to provide telephone support and referrals for parenting and community resources. Call 416-338-7600 or eChat.
      • Parenting Workshops
        • Public Health Nurses can provide workshops on healthy child development to service providers who work with families with children 0-6 years old. Call 416-338-7600 or email intake@toronto.ca to request a workshop.
      • Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC)
      • A home visiting program provided by Public Health Nurses and Family Home Visitors that supports pregnant individuals, their partners, and families with young children from birth to three years of age. Call 416-338-7600 or email intake@toronto.ca to refer a patient.
      • BabyTalkTO Texting Service
        • Free text messaging service for parents and caregivers with infants from birth to age six months. Subscribers will get weekly texts with info, tips, and resources on communicating with baby and supporting early language development skills.
        • Text BabyTalkTO to 393939 to subscribe.
      • Communication Checklist – checklists from birth to age four to help identify communication difficulties.
      • Hearing Development Milestones – milestones from birth to age four to help monitor how a child’s hearing is developing as they grow.
      • Early Vision Development Milestones – milestones from birth to age two to help monitor how a child’s vision is developing as they grow.
      • 18 Month LookSee Checklist – a developmental tool that features a list of “yes” or “no” questions about a child’s abilities at 18 months as well as tips to help them grow. (Please note that only the 18 month checklist is free. There is a fee to use the checklists for other ages)