Amendments to the Apartment Buildings bylaw are coming into effect starting April 1, 2021. Learn more about the new bylaw requirements related to tenant notification boards, waste management, capital plan and the contact information building owners and operators need to provide to the City.

The City of Toronto ensures that tenants live in safe, well-maintained buildings through RentSafeTO: Apartment Building Standards, a bylaw enforcement program. The program covers buildings that are three or more storeys and ten or more units. Building owners must comply with the bylaws within the program or face financial penalties.

Discover how RentSafeTO can help you, whether you are a tenant or a building owner.

RentSafeTO for Tenants

Concerned about maintenance in your building? Here's what to do.

RentSafeTO for Building Owners

Register and renew your buildings with RentSafeTO and learn how to comply with City bylaws.

Tenant Rights

Get informed about the rights and responsibilities of tenants.

Residential Building Electrical Inspections

Learn about electrical safety inspections being completed to reduce fire risk.