Curated by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes

This theatrical playground will challenge systems of social marginalization, self-identity negotiation, and racial stereotyping within a modern framework. From film and installation to interactive sculpture and street art, Queens and Kings of Scarborough will honour Scarborough as a hotbed of culture.

Three acts will play out in the east end’s most highly frequented landmarks.

Act 1: The Amphitheatre (Cineplex Cinemas Scarborough, former Coliseum) – Ancient theatre brought back to life addresses conflict within human bonds.
Act 2: The People’s Square (Scarborough Town Centre) – Common ground for a united voice of the inhabitants.
Act 3: The Royal Court/Courtyard (Scarborough Civic Centre/Albert Campbell Square) – Overthrowing existing systems of power and reclaiming the throne.


Scarborough-born, Ashley McKenzie-Barnes is a creative director, curator and academic professor with over a decade of experience in the advertising, entertainment, corporate and non-profit sectors. She has programmed exhibitions and installations for Samsung and Manifesto Festival, and is no stranger to executing within a variety of spaces: DIY hubs, traditional galleries, or institutions like the Art Gallery of Ontario and Harbourfront Centre. Ashley has also led, conceptualized and deployed large campaigns for brands such as TEDxToronto, Scotiabank and Bell Media.