Ravine Days is an annual city-wide celebration of Toronto’s ravine system. Activities about and throughout the ravines – from talks and tours, to exhibitions and creative workshops – are held in collaboration with community partners.

Ravine Days typically runs in early October.

Explore the locations of Toronto’s ravines in detail by selecting the Ravine and Natural Feature Protection By-Law Boundary on the Toronto Boundary Map.

Self-Guide Exploration

Use the Ravine Days Map to learn about and explore local ravines. Points of interest include:

  • art installations
  • community hubs
  • sites of Indigenous, historical, and environmental significance
  • featured multi-use trails

Learn more about park, trail and natural spaces etiquette.

Before making your way into the ravines, consider the following:

  • Plan your route; take advantage of nearby TTC stops and park facilities.
  • Visit during the daylight hours as many trails are not lit to minimize artificial light impacts on wildlife.
  • Check the weather and avoid visiting during storms, which can lead to hazards such as flooding and falling tree branches.
  • Stay on official trails and use proper footwear such as running shoes or hiking boots to tackle stairs, slopes and uneven surfaces.
  • Consider wearing long pants and sleeves to protect yourself against hazardous vegetation like poison ivy and giant hogweed, as well as tick bites.
  • Apply bug spray and sunscreen.
  • Pack a water bottle and plan your bathroom breaks.

In addition to Ravine Days activities, the City runs a number of volunteer programs, community stewardship events and walking tours throughout the year, many of them within the ravines.