City Clerk’s Office

July 21, 1935


Mr. C. E. Chambers,
Commissioner of Parks,


Dear Sir:

I have been requested by the Board of Control to advise the Heads of the various Civic Departments, including the Police Department, that the Toronto Committee of the Vimy and Battlefields Pilgrimage has been granted the use of the Council Chamber, City Hall, on FRIDAY, August 9 prox., at 5 o’clock p.m., when representatives of the Ocean Steamship Companies and Cook’s Tours will be present to explain details of the trip to the Battlefields of France and Flanders which is being held under the auspices of the Canadian Legion British Empire Service League and with the co-operation of all Veteran Organizations in connection with the Unveiling of Canada’s Memorial on Sunday, July 26th, 1935

The Board of Control desires the Civic Departments to co-operate with the Toronto Committees in reference to this undertaking by notifying all Returned Soldiers interested of the meeting.


Yours truly,


J. W. Somers

City Clerk


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