Transcription of letter from Alex H. Foster of Belleville, Ontario


Nov. 10/30
Radio Station C.K.G.W


I cannot wait any longer to tell you how much we appreciate and enjoy “George Wade and his Corn Huskers” over C.K.G.W. I am an engine-man on Can. Nat. Rys. [Canadian National Railway] out of here and meet and work with a large number of men. It is the main issue when we talk radio and we eagerly look forward to Sat. nights. It is a race to see who is going to be home for Sat.nights with our families to hear and enjoy Wade.

There is just enough advertising in this programme to tell the people what you want but not enough to tire or bother anybody. Also the news casts are very good and come at the best times of day you could set.

Please accept our thanks. I use your product in my car.

Yours Very Truly

Alex H. Foster
28 Forin St.

City of Toronto Archives
Series 1661, File 11, Item 2


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