Fishing in Toronto

As long as you have a valid Outdoors Card and a fishing license tag, you can fish almost anywhere on Toronto public lands. Find out everything you need to know about casting a line in Toronto.

Where to Fish

Fishing Rules and Regulations

Posted signs will let you know where you can and can’t fish.

Visit Fishing to learn everything you need to know to fish in Ontario, including:

  • How many fish you can catch
  • What kinds of fish you can catch
  • Specific rules and tips for fishing in a city and more!

Rules and Tips

Find all at Fishing.

  • If you are fishing from shore, you can only use one rod and reel. No nets or other devices
  • Some bigger fish shouldn’t be eaten due to contaminants
  • Take your line and hook home with you or dispose of them properly. This will prevent birds and other animals getting caught in them
  • Consider Catch and Release, particularly for bigger fish, to help improve the quality of future fishing
  • If you keep your catch, place it in a cooler so the fish stays cool and fresh


Toronto’s river systems and long lakefront shoreline make it an urban paddling paradise. Rent equipment from a local equipment shop or from the City’s Toronto Islands Boathouse on Toronto Island Park.