Explore Hobbies, Interests or Find a Youth Space

Join a club, take a computer course, sign up for a craft workshop or join friends at a Youth Space near you.

Whatever your interest, the City has a program for you.

Youth Spaces

There are Enhanced Youth Spaces across the city. These positive and supervised spaces are open to youth 5-6 days a week and include a range of amenities such as WiFi, TV, gaming consoles, foosball tables, pool tables, computers, recording studios, photography labs, and study spaces.

In these youth spaces, free programs are tailored to youth interests, like photography, barbering and hairstyling, yoga, nail art, DJing, and music recording.

Contact a Youth Outreach Worker (YOW) to find out more!

YOWs can also help youth:

  • Find a job
  • Volunteer
  • Participate in special events and recreation programs
  • Join their local Youth Advisory Council- In Youth Advisory Councils, youth work with their peers in a positive environment to make a difference in their community. Activities can include planning special events, advising the community centre on recreation programs for youth, and community service work


Etobicoke York Locations
Location Youth Outreach Worker Office Phone Mobile Phone
Chalkfarm Community Centre Althea Greene 416-395-7802 416-984-7309
Elmbank Community Centre Rafiat Ahmed 416-394-8815 416-999-4681
Falstaff Community Centre Christopher Banton 416-990-7714
James S. Bell Junior Middle School Nigel Levy 416-394-8975 647-212-7626
Kingsview Village Community School Michael Campbell 416-394-8973 416-984-7306
North Kipling Community Centre Michelle Greene 416-394-8669 416-984-0807
Mount Dennis Community Hall Wilton Hall 416-394-2422 416-984-7282


North York Locations
Location Youth Outreach Worker Office Phone Mobile Phone
Antibes Community Centre Marlon Greene 416-395-1210 416-936-7821
Dennis R. Timbrell Resource Centre Benoit Tardif 416-395-7935 416-936-8265
Driftwood Community Recreation Centre Nastaran Yadollahi 416-395-6023 416-717-9157
Fairbank Memorial Park Community Centre Miranda Greene 416-394-2698 647-473-7662
Grandravine Community Recreation Centre Pirgashini Gnanavel 416-395-7884 647-473-7664
Lawrence Heights Community Centre Jorge Kaneshalingam 416-395-6097 416-991-3717
O’Connor Community Centre Jasmine Cifuentes 416-395-7963 416-908-9784
Oriole Community Centre Hutton Barry 416-395-7969 416-906-6401
Oakdale Community Centre Janice Morrison 416-395-0488 416-992-9714


Scarborough Locations
Location Youth Outreach Worker Office Phone Mobile Phone
Centennial Recreation Centre – Scarborough Adrian Llewellyn 416-396-4065 416-936-8578
Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre Zachary Fraser 416-396-4383 416-771-4840
Heron Park Community Recreation Centre Fitzroy Thompson 416-338-5382 416-936-8573
L’Amoreaux Community Recreation Centre Eileen Alexander 416-396-4525 416-906-4967
Malvern Recreation Centre Bryan Cando 416-396-4395 416-936-8597
McGregor Park Community Centre Ernestine Dunkley 416-396-4921 416-999-7207
Oakridge Community Recreation Centre Sabrina Novello-Cheatly 416-338-2065 416-688-7802
Scarborough Village Recreation Centre Lance Merraro 416-396-5155 416-791-0954


Toronto & East York Locations
Location Youth Outreach Worker Office Phone Mobile Phone
John Innes Community Recreation Centre Victor Galan 416-392-6779 416-771-1449
Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre Veronica Simic 416-392-0751 416-896-5997
Masaryk – Cowan Community Centre Pragash Antonipillai 416-392-6925 416-984-6946
Regent Park Community Centre Peter Kawano 416-392-5490 416-936-7825
Scadding Court Community Centre Jeff Thomas 416-392-6989 416-896-6437
Secord Community Centre Whitney Watts 416-396-2856 416-936-8605
Wellesley Community Centre Jansten Labagnao 416-392-0227 416-677-5654

If you can’t go, let us know!

If you’re unable to attend the program you registered for, please call 416-338-4386 so we can offer the spot to someone else.