The  schedule below lists the various inspections that may be required for project which is a Small Building or House (Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code).
  • You are required to notify your inspector once your project is ready for each required inspection
  • Inspections will take place within the next two business days of the date you request
  • You must have your copy of the stamped permit plans available on site for the inspection
  • The inspector must be able to see the entire building element being inspected
  • Any elements which are covered before they have passed an inspection will have to be uncovered so they can be inspected

If you have any questions about the required inspections for your project, please contact your building inspector or local inspection office.

Type of Inspection When to Call for Inspection
Footings at completion of formwork, before pouring concrete
Foundations* at completion
Structural framing* at completion including rough-in of plumbing and HVAC
Fire separations at completion of wall, floor and shaft separations and fire stopping, before installing interior finishes
Insulation and vapour barrier at completion of insulation & vapour barrier and before installing interior services
Fireplaces, gas appliances, and chimneys at commencement of installation
Occupancy consult your inspector
Life safety systems at completion of standpipe, sprinkler, fire alarm and emergency lighting systems
Final interior inspection at completion of interior construction
Final exterior inspection at completion exterior construction


*Construction may be done in phases. Such projects may required additional inspections.

Type of Inspection When to Call for Inspection
Outside storm & sanitary sewers at completion, before back filling and ready for testing
Water service at completion, before back filling and ready for testing
Inside storm & sanitary sewers at completion, could be partial, ready for testing
Rough-in, water supply, drains, waste & vents at completion and ready for testing
Occupancy at completion of installation of all required fixtures
Final inspection at completion of installation of fixtures


Type of Inspection When to Call for Inspection
Rough-in HVAC**/air extraction at completion of rough-in, before installation of insulation
Rough-in kitchen exhaust system (non-residential) at completion of rough-in before operation of system
Occupancy mechanical systems ready for testing
Final inspection completion of all mechanical systems


**Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Property owners are required to schedule a final inspection upon completion of their project to close the permit.