Legislated Mandatory Inspections

The Ontario Building Code, Subsection, requires builders to give notice to the Chief Building Official when your building is ready for mandatory inspections at each critical stage of construction.

  • It is your responsibility to contact the Toronto Building to conduct the required inspections once your construction project starts
  • Neglecting these inspections may cause costly delays and time consuming work stoppages
  • A Building Inspector can assist you in confirming which inspections are required for your particular project
  • Cost for these inspections is included in your building permit fee.
  • Additional inspections can be arranged through your local inspection office (an additional fee may apply)

The name and telephone number of the Inspector and District Inspections Office are included with your permit documents.

Stages of Construction Requiring Inspection

Depending on the nature of the project, inspectors may have to visit your building site several times to conduct the following inspections.

The pages linked below list the various types of mandatory inspections that may be required for each project.

Inspection Response Times

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required when booking an inspection for your site. Inspections are held Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

When conducting their mandatory inspection:

  • Building Inspectors must be able to see that part of work under inspection
  • Any building elements covered before the related mandatory inspection has been made will have to be uncovered for inspection and passed before the completion of your project.
  • Please remember that your stamped permit plans must be on site for each inspection.
  • You must print the information, records, drawings or specifications issued as part of the permit and keep those on site for each inspection. Drawings and specifications must be printed full sized, to scale, and in colour. This applies to permits issued by Email or on a DVD (all permits after Nov 2012).

Closing Permits

Property owners are required to schedule a final inspection upon completion of their project to close the permit.

Partial Occupancy of an Unfinished Building

Before any part of an unfinished building can be occupied, the structure must meet Ontario Building Code (Division C, Part 1, Subsection 1.3.3.) standards. You must submit an Authority to Occupy application before occupying party of an unfinished building.