Letters, with enclosed response forms, will be sent out to permit holders with permits older than one year beginning the fall of 2015 in order to determine the status of their projects.

The Building Code Act, 1992 and Chapter 363 of the Toronto Municipal Code require, at each stage of construction specified in the building code, that the Chief Building Official be notified that the construction is ready for inspection.

As part of the Active Permit Review Program the Chief Building Official is following up on building permits that are older than two years, where Toronto Building has not received notifications that construction has commenced.

Your first step is to provide a response to Toronto Building before the deadline on the notice you received in the mail.

To reply to Toronto Building send your response form by email or mail, using the district contacts below.

Download Response Form

District Contacts:

Etobicoke York Toronto and East York North York Scarborough
ETBldgInsp@toronto.ca TOBldgInsp@toronto.ca NYBldgInsp@toronto.ca SCBldgInsp@toronto.ca
Active Building Permit Review

Inspection Services, Toronto Building

2 Civic Centre Crt, 2nd Fl
Toronto, Ontario
M9C 5A3

Active Building Permit Review

Inspection Services, Toronto Building

95 The Esplanade
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2N2

Active Building Permit Review

Inspection Services, Toronto Building

North York Civic Centre
5100 Yonge Street, Floor 1
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 5V7

Active Building Permit Review

Inspection Services, Toronto Building

Scarborough Civic Centre
150 Borough Drive, Floor 3
Scarborough, Ontario
M1P 4N7

The Districts listed above follow the boundaries of the City’s Community Councils. You can search which Community Council area your property is located in.


Further steps will depend on the type and progress of the work that has been undertaken, either by you or a previous homeowner, as described in the notice. For example, you may need to request an inspection, obtain a report from a qualified engineer on any work that may have been completed, or allow the permit to be revoked. Toronto Building staff will be available to help and guide you along the process.

The Chief Building Official would have no reason to believe that the construction authorized by the active building permit has been seriously commenced, and will take steps to revoke the permit in accordance with the Building Code Act, 1992 and the Toronto Municipal Code.

Yes, copies of the permit drawings may be obtained through Toronto Building’s Records Disclosure service. There will be a cost associated with the service.

The outstanding building permit may belong to a previous homeowner of your property.

As the current registered owner of the property, you are responsible for any outstanding building permits. You will need to confirm with Toronto Building whether work has been undertaken, either by you or any previous homeowners, as described in the active permit.