Toronto Building online Inspection Requests allows building permit holders seven day-a-week access to request, cancel or reschedule an inspection. Inspections are held Monday to Friday during normal business hours.


Using the Inspection Request web application from your computer or smartphone, you can:

  1. Schedule an Inspection
  2. Reschedule, or cancel an inspection
  3. To view upcoming inspections

To request an inspection online, you will need to have your permit number, and to provide the contact information of the person who will be on site to meet the inspector at the requested time.

Please note, the online Inspection Request function cannot be used to request an Inspection Status Report.


Toronto Building TelePermit service is no longer available. Inspection requests can be submitted outside of business hours using our online Inspection Request service.


Inspection requests can be made by phone during normal business hours. To contact an agent at one of our district inspection offices, please call 416-338-0700.

  • Press 1 for Toronto and East York,
  • Press 2 for North York,
  • Press 3 for Etobicoke, or
  • Press 4 for Scarborough.

If you leave a voicemail message for an inspection request, please include the permit number, a contact name and phone number where you can be reached.

If you are not sure what your permit status means search the glossary for the status definition.

Application Acceptable
Application has met the submission requirement; however the intake has been accepted yet because of required initial permit fee.

Application Received
The Application has been received but intake has not been accepted or processed.

Cancellation Pending
The permit application is dormant for over 5 months and the owner / Applicant have been notified with registered mail cancellation notice. Permit Application will be cancelled without further notice if no response has been received within a month of the cancellation notice

Examiner’s Notice
Sent Application has been accepted, and the Review has resulted with Notice that has been sent.

The permit has been issued and the permit is under active inspection

Issuance Pending
Review has been completed, however other approvals and/or fees are outstanding.

Not Started
Application has been accepted but the review has not started

Notice Sent
Review of the application has begun and the Examiner has identified deficiencies or outstanding items. A Notice has been sent to the Applicant and the examiner is waiting for a response.

On Hold
The Application has been received but it is on hold because of missing submission information as required by permit bylaw.

Permit Issued
The permit has been issued

Permit Revoked
The Permit has been revoked

Ready for Issuance
Review has been completed, the permit is ready for issuance at any time. For mechanical, plumbing permits that are related to building permit may have to be issued together.

Refusal Notice
Application has been Accepted, the review has resulted in a Refused Notice that was sent to applicant. It is advisable that all items in the Refusal Notice to be addressed before a response is submitted to Building Division

Response Accepted
A response to a notice has been submitted to the building division. The review of your application is back in the queue

Response Received
A response to a notice has been submitted to the building division.

A Notice of Change has been submitted to the Chief Building Official.

Revision Issued
A Notice of Change has been submitted to the Chief Building Official and the revision has been accepted

Under Review
Application has been accepted and the Review has started but not completed

There is an inspection order against this permit.

Work Not Started
An Inspection was conducted and the construction has not taken place