In recent years, there has been an increase in illegal fireworks use and emergency incidents related to fireworks in Toronto, especially in parks and public spaces.  To mitigate these issues, the City began a review of the Fireworks bylaw in early 2021 to explore opportunities for enhanced public education to support safe and compliant use of fireworks. Through stakeholder consultations and a public survey, staff identified an overall lack of awareness of Toronto’s current fireworks rules.

In response, the City launched an education campaign in May 2021 to increase awareness of Toronto’s rules around the use of fireworks, including safety tips and proper disposal. The City also installed signage in parks with higher rates of fireworks.

Staff are exploring ways to limit the sale and use of fireworks in Toronto. As part of this review, we’re:

  • engaging stakeholders and vendors for feedback
  • reviewing policies and comparing vendor licensing fees with other municipalities
  • exploring stronger policies to revoke temporary vendor permits linked to illegal firework use
  • monitoring and evaluating complaints data, and
  • exploring the feasibility and efficacy of vendor certification and employee training programs

A staff report will be presented at the Economic and Community Development Committee at its meeting on April 28, 2022.