Fees and links to all relevant forms, legislation and regulations for conducting bingo or a lottery event in Toronto.

Make cheque payable to “Treasurer, City of Toronto”. Personal cheques are not accepted.

Licence and Services Fees
Raffle Licence with retail prizes valued up to $50,000 3% of total retail prize value
Bingo Licence with prize board up to $5,500 3% of total prize board per session
Break Open Ticket Licence 3% of total prizes
Lottery Events at a Bazaar Licence:

  • Raffle up to $50,000
  • Bingo up to $5,500
  • Wheel of Fortune


3% of total prizes
3% of total prizes
$10 per wheel per day, maximum 3 wheels

Lottery Licensing Eligibility Review $26.00
Municipal Approval $26.00