This map displays potential mobile food vending zones that are 30 metres from an open and operating restaurant. It is for illustrative purposes only. Locations of pay and display parking stations on the following major and minor arterial and collector roads are listed below. It is the food truck/ice cream truck owner/driver’s responsibility to ensure that all bylaw requirements are met.




Adanac Drive
Adelaide Street West
Advance Road
Alamosa Drive
Alexander Street
Alexmuir Boulevard
Allanford Road
Alliance Avenue
Alton Towers Circle
Alvin Avenue
Ambrose Road
Ameer Avenue
Anglesey Boulevard
Antibes Drive
Antrim Crescent
Aragon Avenue
Arbutus Crescent
Arcot Boulevard
Arkona Drive
Arleta Avenue
Armour Boulevard
Armoury Street
Arnall Avenue
Artillery Street
Ashcott Street
Ashley Road
Ashtonbee Road
Aspen Avenue
Asquith Avenue
Atlantic Avenue
Atomic Avenue
Attwell Drive
Auburn Avenue
Augusta Avenue
Aukland Road
Avoca Avenue
Avondale Avenue
Baby Point Road
Bakersfield Street
Baldoon Road
Balmuto Street
Bamburgh Circle
Banbury Road
Bankwell Avenue
Bannatyne Drive
Barbados Boulevard
Barber Greene Road
Barkdene Hills
Barmac Drive
Barrington Avenue
Barrymore Road
Bartley Drive
Barton Avenue
Bascule Bridge
Bay Mills Boulevard
Bayview Avenue
Beamish Drive
Beare Road
Beaverhall Drive
Bedford Road
Beechborough Avenue
Beechgrove Drive
Beecroft Road
Beffort Road
Bellamy Road South
Bellevue Crescent
Benleigh Drive
Benton Road
Bergamot Avenue
Bering Avenue
Berkindale Drive
Berner Trail
Berry Road
Bertrand Avenue
Berwick Avenue
Beth Nealson Drive
Bethridge Road
Bethune Boulevard
Beverly Glen Boulevard
Beverly Hills Drive
Bicknell Avenue
Birkdale Road
Birmingham Street
Bishop Avenue
Blackthorn Avenue
Blackwell Avenue
Blantyre Avenue
Bleecker Street
Blossomfield Drive
Blue Jays Way
Blythwood Road
Bombay Avenue
Bonis Avenue
Borough Approach East
Borough Approach West
Borough Drive
Boulton Drive
Boxdene Avenue
Bradstock Road
Brahms Avenue
Bramblebrook Avenue
Braymore Boulevard
Breckon Gate
Bremner Boulevard
Brentcliffe Road
Brenyon Way
Brian Drive
Briar Hill Avenue
Bridgman Avenue
Bridletowne Circle
Bridlewood Boulevard
Brimley Road
Brimley Road South
Brimorton Drive
Brimwood Boulevard
Broadway Avenue
Brock Avenue
Brockley Drive
Brookbanks Drive
Brooke Avenue
Brookers Lane
Brookhaven Drive
Brooklawn Avenue
Brookmere Road
Brookmill Boulevard
Brookshire Boulevard
Brucewood Crescent
Burcana Road
Burnhamthorpe Crescent
Burrows Hall Boulevard
Burton Road
Bushby Drive
Cabernet Circle
Cactus Avenue
Calvington Drive
Canadian Road
Canarctic Drive
Canlish Road
Canmore Boulevard
Canmotor Avenue
Canongate Trail
Carlaw Avenue
Carlingview Drive
Carnforth Road
Carrier Drive
Casebridge Court
Cass Avenue
Cassandra Boulevard
Castlefield Avenue
Castleton Avenue
Cathedral Bluffs Drive
Catherine Street
Cedar Drive
Cedarcroft Boulevard
Centennial Park Boulevard
Centennial Road
Central Park Roadway
Ceramic Road
Chaldean Street
Chalkform Drive
Champagne Drive
Channel Nine Court
Chaplin Crescent
Charles Street East
Charles Street West
Charlottetown Boulevard
Chartland Boulevard South
Chatsworth Drive
Cherokee Boulevard
Cherry Street
Chesham Drive
Chester Le Boulevard
Chestnut Street
Chisholm Avenue
Christie Street
Church Avenue
Church Street
Churchill Avenue
Cinemart Drive
Civic Road
Clansman Boulevard
Clanton Park Road
Claremore Avenue
Clarence Square
Cleadon Road
Clendenan Avenue
Cleveland Street
Cliffside Drive
Cliffwood Road
Clinton Street
Clonmore Drive
Clyde Avenue
Cobalt Avenue
Colbeck Street
Colborne Lodge Drive
Collier Street
Collingsbrook Boulevard
Collinsgrove Road
Colville Road
Commander Boulevard
Commissioners Street
Comstock Road
Concorde Gate
Concorde Place
Confederation Drive
Conference Boulevard
Conlins Road
Connaught Avenue
Consilium Place
Consumers Road
Copthorne Avenue
Cordova Avenue
Corinthian Boulevard
Cornwallis Drive
Coronation Drive
Corporate Drive
Corvette Avenue
Cosburn Avenue
Covington Road
Cowdray Court
Craigton Drive
Credit Union Drive
Crescent Road
Crescent Town Road
Crockford Boulevard
Crow Trail
Culford Road
Cumber Avenue
Cumberland Street
Cummer Avenue
Curity Avenue
Curlew Drive
Dailing Gate
Dan Leckie Way
Dancy Avenue
Daphne Road
Davisville Avenue
Dean Park Road
Dearham Wood
Deauville Lane
Denison Avenue
Denison Road East
Denlow Boulevard
Dennett Drive
Densley Avenue
Denton Avenue
Dewey Drive
Dewson Street
Dibgate Boulevard
Disco Road
Dods Avenue
Dolly Varden Boulevard
Dolomite Drive
Don Jail Roadway
Don Roadway
Donald Avenue
Doncaster Avenue
Dorcot Avenue
Doris Avenue
Douro Street
Dovercourt Road
Driftwood Avenue
Drummond Street
Dubray Avenue
Dufferin Street
Dufflaw Road
Dunbloor Road
Duncan Mill Road
Duncan Street
Duncanwoods Drive
Dundalk Drive
Dunelm Street
Dunn Avenue
Duplex Avenue
Durnford Road
Duval Drive
Dwight Avenue
Dynamic Drive
Eagle Point Road
Eagledance Drive
Earl Place
Earl Street
Earlscourt Avenue
East Avenue
East Drive
East Haven Drive
East Liberty Street
Eastdale Avenue
Easton Road
Eastpark Boulevard
Eastwood Road
Eddystone Avenue
Edenbridge Drive
Edith Drive
Edward Street
Eireann Quay
Elana Drive
Elder Avenue
Elizabeth Street
Ellendale Drive
Ellerslie Avenue
Ellington Drive
Ellis Avenue
Elm Avenue
Elm Road
Elm Ridge Circle
Elm Ridge Drive
Elm Street
Elmhurst Avenue
Elmhurst Drive
Emerson Avenue
Emmett Avenue
Empress Avenue
Englemount Avenue
Eringate Drive
Erskine Avenue
Ethel Avenue
Eva Road
Exbury Road

Fairfax Crescent
Fairford Avenue
Fairlawn Avenue
Fallingbrook Road
Falstaff Avenue
Fanfare Avenue
Farmcrest Drive
Farnboro Road
Fasken Drive
Fawcett Trail
Faywood Boulevard
Felstead Avenue
Fenelon Drive
Fenmar Drive
Fenn Avenue
Fenside Drive
Ferncrest Gate
Ferris Road
Fieldway Road
Fife Road
Fifeshire Road
Finch Avenue East
Finchdene Square
Firebrace Road
Firgrove Crescent
Fisherville Road
Fleet Street
Flemington Road
Flint Road
Florence Avenue
Forbes Road
Forest Grove Drive
Fort York Boulevard
Forthbridge Crescent
Four Winds Drive
Foxridge Drive
Foxwell Street
Freeland Street
Freshmeadow Drive
Friendship Avenue
Front Street East
Fundy Bay Boulevard
Galloway Road
Gander Drive
Garfella Drive
Garratt Boulevard
Gary Drive
Garyray Drive
Gateforth Drive
Gateway Boulevard
Geary Avenue
Generation Boulevard
Gentian Drive
Gerrard Street East
Gervais Drive
Gibbs Road
Gihon Spring Drive
Giltspur Drive
Glamorgan Avenue
Glen Cedar Road
Glen Echo Road
Glen Road
Glen Rush Boulevard
Glen Springs Drive
Glen Watford Drive
Glencairn Avenue
Glendinning Avenue
Glendower Circuit
Glengrove Avenue West
Glenholme Avenue
Glenlake Avenue
Glenmount Avenue
Gloucester Street
Godstone Road
Golden Gate Court
Goldfinch Court
Goldhawk Trail
Goodrich Road
Gordon Baker Road
Gordon Mackay Road
Gosford Boulevard
Gould Street
Gourlay Crescent
Grace Street
Grand Avenue
Grand Marshall Drive
Grandravine Drive
Grange Avenue
Grangeway Avenue
Grantbrook Street
Graydon Hall Drive
Green Belt Drive
Green Lanes
Greencedar Circuit
Greencrest Circuit
Greenfield Avenue
Greenholm Circuit
Greenwin Village Road
Greenwood Avenue
Grenoble Drive
Greystone Walk Drive
Grosvenor Street
Gunns Road
Hackberry Street
Hallam Street
Hambly Avenue
Hanson Street
Harold Evans Crescent
Harrison Road
Havelock Street
Havenbrook Boulevard
Havendale Road
Havenview Road
Haverson Boulevard
Hawksbury Drive
Hawksdale Road
Heath Street East
Heath Street West
Heather Road
Heathrow Drive
Hendon Avenue
Henrietta Street
Hickory Tree Road
Hidden Trail
High Park Avenue
High Park Boulevard
Highcastle Road
Highland Avenue
Highland Crescent
Highview Avenue
Hilda Avenue
Hill Crescent
Hiscock Boulevard
Holiday Drive
Hollinger Road
Hollis Avenue
Holmfirth Terrace
Homewood Avenue
Hope Street
Horner Avenue
Hotspur Road
Howard Park Avenue
Howard Street
Howden Road
Hullmar Drive
Humber Boulevard
Humber College Boulevard
Humber Hill Avenue
Humbercrest Boulevard
Humberline Drive
Humberside Avenue
Humberwood Boulevard
Hunting Ridge
Huntingdale Boulevard
Huntley Street
Huntsmill Boulevard
Hupfield Trail
Hutchcroft Avenue
Hymus Road
Idagrove Gate
Indian Road
Industry Street
Ingleton Boulevard
Inglewood Drive
Ingram Drive
Innislawn Road
Invergordon Avenue
Ionview Road
Ironside Crescent
Isabella Street
Island Road
Jayzel Drive
Jedburgh Road
Jethro Road
John Garland Boulevard
John Street
John Stoner Drive
John Tabor Trail
Jones Avenue
Jonesville Crescent
Judson Street
Junction Road
Jutland Road

Keeler Boulevard
Kelvin Grove Avenue
Kempford Boulevard
Kenhatch Boulevard
Kennard Avenue
Kennedy Road
Kenneth Avenue
Kidron Valley Drive
Kilbarry Road
Kilcullen Castle Gate
Kincort Street
Kingslake Road
Kipling Avenue
Kirby Road
Kirkdene Drive
Knob Hill Drive
Knob Hill Park
Knollwood Street
Kodiak Crescent
L Amoreaux Drive
La Peer Boulevard
La Rose Avenue
Laird Drive
Lambton Avenue
Lansdowne Avenue
Lanyard Road
Lappin Avenue
Lapsley Road
Larchmere Avenue
Laughton Avenue
Laura Road
Laura Secord Walk
Laurentide Drive
Lawrence Avenue East
Lawson Road
Lebovic Avenue
Ledbury Street
Leith Hill Road
Lennox Street
Leslie Street
Lesmill Road
Lexfield Avenue
Lexington Avenue
Liberty Street
Lindylou Road
Ling Road
Linkwood Lane
Linus Road
Little Avenue
Littles Road
Livingston Road
Lloyd Manor Road
Logan Avenue
Lombard Street
Longbourne Drive
Lonsdale Road
Lord Seaton Road
Lower Jarvis Street
Lower Simcoe Street
Lower Spadina Avenue
Lumsden Avenue
Lynedock Crescent
Lynnbrook Drive
Lynvalley Crescent
Lytton Boulevard
Mack Avenue
Maclennan Avenue
Maitland Street
Malley Road
Malvern Street
Mammoth Hall Trail
Manor Road East
Manse Road
Manville Road
Maple Leaf Drive
Marine Parade Drive
Markham Road
Martin Grove Road
Martin Ross Avenue
Mason Road
Maxome Avenue
Maybrook Drive
Mc Caul Street
Mccowan Road
Mcintosh Street
Mclevin Avenue
Mcnicoll Avenue
Mcrae Drive
Meadowvale Road
Medalist Road
Melford Drive
Melrose Avenue
Merton Street
Metropolitan Road
Michael Power Place
Midland Avenue
Midwest Road
Mildenhall Road
Milford Avenue
Military Trail
Mill Road
Mill Street
Milliken Boulevard
Millwick Drive
Millwood Road
Milner Business Court
Milo Park Gate
Milvan Drive
Mimico Avenue
Moatfield Drive
Mobile Drive
Mollard Road
Monogram Place
Montgomery Avenue
Montgomery Road
Montressor Drive
Moore Avenue
Morecambe Gate
Morning Star Drive
Morningside Avenue
Morningview Trail
Morrish Road
Mossbank Drive
Mount Olive Drive
Mount Pleasant Road
Mountcastle Gate
Muir Avenue
Muir Drive
Munham Gate
Munster Avenue
Murison Boulevard
Murray Ross Parkway
Mutual Street
Nairn Avenue
Nantucket Boulevard
Nashdene Road
Nassau Street
Neilson Drive
Neilson Road
Neptune Drive
New Toronto Street
Newgale Gate
Newmill Gate
Newton Drive
Niagara Street
Norelco Drive
Norseman Street
North York Boulevard
Northcliffe Boulevard
Northgate Drive
Northline Road
Northover Street
Norton Avenue
Nymark Avenue
Oak Street
Oakley Boulevard
Oakmeadow Boulevard
Oakridge Drive
Oasis Boulevard
Old Dundas Street
Old Finch Avenue
Old Kingston Road
Old Leslie Street
Old Mill Road
Old Mill Trail
Old Orchard Grove
Old Park Road
Old Sheppard Avenue
Old Stock Yards Road
Old Weston Road
Olivewood Road
Omni Drive
Orator Gate
Orfus Road
Ormont Drive
Osler Street
Overbrook Place
Overland Drive

Pachino Boulevard
Pacific Avenue
Packard Boulevard
Page Avenue
Painted Post Drive
Palmerston Boulevard
Park Home Avenue
Park Lane Circle
Park Lawn Road
Park Road
Park Street
Parkington Crescent
Parkview Hill Crescent
Parkway Forest Drive
Passmore Avenue
Patricia Avenue
Pawnee Avenue
Pearldale Avenue
Peckham Avenue
Pell Street
Pelmo Crescent
Peter Kaiser Gate
Peter Street
Petrolia Road
Pharmacy Avenue
Pickering Town Line
Pine Street
Pinemeadow Boulevard
Pitfield Road
Placentia Boulevard
Playter Boulevard
Playter Crescent
Pleasant View Drive
Plewes Road
Plug Hat Road
Poplar Plains Road
Poplar Road
Port Royal Trail
Portland Street
Post Road
Pottery Road
Poyntz Avenue
Pretoria Avenue
Prince Andrew Place
Prince Edward Drive North
Prince Edward Drive South
Prince Philip Boulevard
Princess Margaret Boulevard
Princeway Drive
Principal Road
Production Drive
Prudham Gate
Purcell Square
Queen Street East
Queens Plate Drive
Queens Quay West
Queenslea Avenue
Racine Road
Railside Road
Rainbow Ridge Avenue
Raleigh Avenue
Ralph Street
Ranee Avenue
Rangoon Road
Ranleigh Avenue
Rannock Street
Rathburn Road
Ray Avenue
Redgrave Drive
Redpath Avenue
Rees Street
Renforth Drive
Resources Road
Resurrection Road
Rexleigh Drive
Richardson Avenue
Richgrove Drive
Ridgemoor Avenue
Ridgetop Road
Ridley Boulevard
Rivalda Road
Rockcliffe Boulevard
Rockford Road
Rockwell Avenue
Rolark Drive
Ronald Avenue
Ronson Drive
Rosehill Avenue
Roselawn Avenue
Roselm Road
Rosemount Avenue
Rosemount Drive
Rossdean Drive
Rouge River Drive
Rowntree Mill Road
Roxborough Street East
Royalcrest Road
Roywood Drive
Rumike Road
Runnymede Road
Russell Hill Road
Rustic Road
Ryding Avenue
Rylander Boulevard
Sagewood Drive
Sammon Avenue
Sandfield Road
Sandhurst Circle
Sandover Drive
Sandown Avenue
Sandra Road
Sanwood Boulevard
Savarin Street
Scarborough Golf Club Road
Scarden Avenue
Scholfield Avenue
Scott Street
Scunthorpe Road
Secord Avenue
Selby Street
Seminole Avenue
Seneca Hill Drive
Sentinel Road
Service Road
Settlers Road
Sewells Road
Shady Hollow Drive
Sharpe Street
Shaughnessy Boulevard
Shaver Avenue South
Shaw Street
Shawbridge Avenue
Shawnee Circle
Sheffield Street
Shelborne Avenue
Sheppard Street
Sherbourne Street North
Shermount Avenue
Sherry Road
Sherway Gardens Road
Sherway Gate
Shoreham Drive
Shorting Road
Shropshire Drive
Signal Hill Avenue
Silver Springs Boulevard
Silver Star Boulevard
Silverdale Crescent
Silverstone Drive
Silverthorn Avenue
Simcoe Street
Sinnott Road
Skymark Drive
Slan Avenue
Sloley Road
Sorauren Avenue
Soudan Avenue
South Drive
South Shields Avenue
Southvale Drive
Southwood Drive
Spanbridge Road
Spenvalley Drive
Springhurst Avenue
St Albans Road
St Clair Avenue East
St Dennis Drive
St Edmunds Drive
St Johns Road
St Joseph Street
St Lawrence Avenue
St Marks Road
St Mary Street
St Patrick Street
St Pauls Square
St Regis Crescent
St Regis Crescent North
Stadium Road
Stanley Road
Starspray Boulevard
Steinway Boulevard
Stephen Drive
Stong Court
Strachan Avenue
Strathearn Road
Strawberry Hills Drive
Subway Crescent
Sudbury Street
Sufferance Road
Sumach Street
Summerhill Avenue
Summitcrest Drive
Sunnyside Avenue
Sunrise Avenue
Supertest Road
Surrey Avenue
Surrey Place
Sweeney Drive
Sylvan Avenue
Symington Avenue
Taber Road
Talbot Road
Tamworth Road
Tandridge Crescent
Tangiers Road
Teak Avenue
Tecumseth Street
Temperance Street
Tempo Avenue
Terraview Boulevard
The Bridle Path
The East Mall
The Esplanade
The Kingsway
The Links Road
The Pond Road
The West Mall
Thermos Road
Thirtieth Street
Thistle Down Boulevard
Thorncliffe Park Drive
Thornmount Drive
Three Valleys Drive
Tichester Road
Tideswell Boulevard
Tiffield Road
Tilbury Drive
Timberbank Boulevard
Titan Road
Toba Drive
Tobermory Drive
Todd Baylis Boulevard
Torbarrie Road
Toro Road
Toronto Street
Torrance Road
Torresdale Avenue
Toryork Drive
Tournament Drive
Town Centre Court
Townsend Road
Transway Crescent
Treewood Street
Triton Road
Trojan Gate
Trudelle Street
Tuscan Gate
Tuxedo Court

Twyn Rivers Drive
Tycos Drive

Underhill Drive
Underpass Gate
Underwriters Road
Uphill Avenue
Upjohn Road
Upper Canada Drive
Upper Highland Crescent
Upton Road
Usher Avenue
Valentine Drive
Valermo Drive
Valhalla Inn Road
Valley Woods Road
Valleybrook Drive
Van Horne Avenue
Vandorf Street
Vansco Road
Varna Drive
Varsity Road
Vaughan Road
Vauxhall Drive
Venture Drive
Via Italia
Victoria Park Avenue
Victoria Street
Village Gate
Wallace Avenue
Walpole Avenue
Washburn Way
Water Tower Gate
Waterbury Drive
Wayside Avenue
Welland Avenue
Wellesworth Drive
Wellington Street West
Wendell Avenue
Wenlock Gate
West Toronto Street
Westhumber Boulevard
Westlake Avenue
Westlake Road
Westmore Drive
White Heather Boulevard
Whitehall Road
Whitehorse Road
Wickson Trail
Wicksteed Avenue
Wickware Gate
Widdicombe Hill
Widdicombe Hill Boulevard
Wilfred Avenue
William Carson Crescent
William Kitchen Road
Williamson Road
Willowridge Road
Wilson Heights Boulevard
Wincott Drive
Windermere Avenue
Wineva Avenue
Wingold Avenue
Winona Drive
Wintermute Boulevard
Woburn Avenue
Woodbine Downs Boulevard
Woodbine Heights Boulevard
Woodfield Road
Woodsworth Road
Woolner Avenue
Wyndcliff Crescent
Wynford Heights Crescent
Yeomans Road
Yewtree Boulevard
Yonge Boulevard
York Downs Drive
York Gate Boulevard
York Mills Road
Yorkville Avenue
Yorkwoods Gate

Licensed food carts, food trucks and ice cream trucks can vend in commercial parking lots without a  street food vending permit. Vendors on private property require the permission of the property owner and operate in accordance with the zoning bylaw.

The following are a list of licensed street level parking lots in commercial areas:

1-20 Four Seasons Pl, M9B 6H7

1 Eva Rd, M9C 4Z5

3500 Bathurst St, M6A 2C6

491 College St, M6G 1A5

377-379 Spadina Ave, M5T 2G3

227 Queen St W,Rear, M5V 1Z4

124 Pears Ave, M5R 1T2

297 College St, M5T 1S2

231 College St, M5T 1R4

188 Spadina Ave, M5T 3A4

180-184 Spadina Ave, M5T 2C2

189 Spadina Ave, M5T 2C5

306 Front St W, M5V 3B5

400 Front St W, M5V 1B5

352 Front St W, M5V 1B5

30 Niagara St, M5V 2P2

550 Wellington St W, P1-P2, M5V 2V4

473 Adelaide St W, M5V 1T1

501 Adelaide St W, M5V 1T4

443 Wellington St W, M5V 1E7

87 Peter St, M5V 1G9

217 Adelaide St W, M5H 1X4

211 Adelaide St W, M5H 1X4

343 King St W, M5H 1A1

533 King St W, M5V 1K4

543 Richmond St W, M5V 1Y6

444 Richmond St W, M5V 1Y2

78 Spadina Ave, M5V 2J3

114 Peter St, M5V 2G7

229 Richmond St W, M5V 1W2

111 Peter St, M5V 2H1

309 Adelaide St W, #1/2, M5V 1P8

4211 Yonge St, M2P 2A9

219 Dundas St E, M5A 1Z7

254-258 Church St, M5B 1Z2

108 Mutual St, M5B 2B2

237 Victoria St, M5B 1T8

11 Centre Ave, M5G 2H5

203 Jarvis St, M5B 2C1

87 Mutual St, M5B 2A9

365 Church St, M5B 1Z9

49 Gerrard St W, M5K 2K1

412 Church St, M5B 2A3

67 Shuter St, M5B 2H8

512-516 Church St, M4Y 2C8

114 Church St, M5C 2G5

94 The Esplanade, M5E 1A9

60 Church St, M5C 2G1

38-54 Church St, M5E 1M4

65 King St E, M5C 1G3

60 Shuter St, M5B 1A8

12 Lombard St, M5C 1M1

At this time, there are no non-pay-and-display vending zones.

There are currently no Restricted Zones.

Food truck or ice cream vendors operating at designated locations with an R55 Curb Lane Vending Permit will be allowed to continue under the terms of their current permit until December 31, 2026. Beginning January 1, 2027, R55 Curb Lane Vending Permits will not be renewed. To continue operating, vendors will be required to obtain a Mobile Food Vending Permit.

Vendors who want to switch to a Mobile Food Vending Permit prior to January 1, 2027, may do so.