Enrol in the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment (PTP) program and have your property tax bill payments automatically withdrawn from your bank or financial institution.

  • Property owner(s) can enrol in the PTP program at any time.
  • Your property taxes must be in good standing to qualify for this program.
  • Once enrolled you will be advised of your pre-authorized payment schedule by letter.
  • You should continue to pay your taxes through your regular payment method until you receive a confirmation letter of PTP enrolment.
  • Enrolment in this program will be processed within 30 days of receipt of your application.

Additional Charges and Program Removal

  • Additional charges that fall outside of the regular tax instalment schedule, such as supplementary and/or omitted property tax bills, fire charges, Workplace Safety Insurance Board, Toronto Police Service, Municipal Licensing Standards charges or past due utility bill amounts added to the tax roll, cannot be paid through this program at this time. If you do not pay these additional charges separately, you will be removed from the program and returned to the regular six instalment plan.
  • You will be removed from the program if a payment does not clear through your financial institution, if you make or send duplicate payments, if you have an unpaid balance, or if there is an ownership change recorded for your property.

Program Information


If any of your pre-authorized payments do not clear through your financial institution, the City will charge you an administrative fee and penalty/interest. You will also be automatically removed from the pre-authorized program and will have to reapply for the program.