The amount of litter in Toronto public spaces is increasing. Litter not only makes our city look bad, it also costs a lot of money to clean up.  It is everyone’s job to keep public spaces, sidewalks and streets clean.

Street and Park Litter Bins

There are approximately 9,400 street litter/recycling bins across the city and 10,000 garbage and recycling bins in City parks. Please do your part. Help keep Toronto clean and beautiful by using these bins. Make sure you put your waste in the proper place in public places.

Top Litter Items in Toronto


Chewing gum is the most prevalent small litter item found on Toronto streets. Many people do not see gum as litter and toss it on our streets causing them to look dirty and uncared for. Used chewing gum (and its wrapping) belongs in the garbage.

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts make up a large part of Toronto’s litter and can take up to 12 years to break down.

The street litter/recycling bins have a special receptacle designated for cigarette butt disposal.

Warning from Toronto Fire Services: Never put cigarette butts in garden planters because this can quickly lead to fires!

Paper Towels and Napkins

Paper towels, napkins and serviettes are the most common large litter item found on Toronto streets.  If these items are soiled, put them in the Green Bin (if available) otherwise put in the garbage.

Litter Hot Spots

If you see an area with a lot of litter or notice illegal dumping of waste please report it to Toronto 311.

Find more information on illegal dumping and litter by-laws.

Recycling Right – On the Go!

It’s just as important to recycle right on the go! Incorrect placement of items such as coffee cups, dog waste, food waste and black plastics in public recycling bins is ruining perfectly good recyclables, sending them to landfill.