From mid-May through fall of 2018, the City will be piloting a program to test the use and feasibility of providing Green Bins (organic waste such as dog poop) in dog off-leash areas in 20 parks. The parks (listed below) are spread across the city and were chosen based on maximum geographic disbursement, size and frequency of use.

Pilot Goal

An audit of waste bins near dogs off-leash areas in parks found that 84 per cent was organic waste.

The goal of the pilot is to divert organic waste from landfill and reduce contamination (incorrect items being placed in Blue Bins) in Toronto’s recycling stream.

Dog poop in bags can be put in Green Bins. Bags do not have to be biodegradable.

Participating Parks

In parks that are not part of the pilot, residents should dispose of dog poop and other organic waste in garbage bins or take it home and place it in the Green Bin (organics). Organic waste should not be put in recycling (Blue Bins).

Green Bins will not be added to additional parks until after the pilot has been assessed.