The City requires dogs to be on a leash at all times while in a park or beach. Dog owners are only permitted to have their dogs off-leash in designated dogs off-leash areas throughout the City. It is important that dog owners keep their dogs on leash so that parks and beaches remain safe and enjoyable for everyone. To report a dog off-leash, contact 311.

Learn more about the rules you need to follow as a dog owner. Pick up after your dog on private and public property. The City has Green Bins for organic waste in all dog off-leash areas in parks, other select locations in parks and a few street litter bins that accept dog waste across the city.

Parks are shared spaces and everyone needs to be responsible and respectful of each other. Dog owners and dog walkers are responsible for ensuring that dogs are under control. You are also responsible for any injuries or damage caused by your dog.

Keeping your dog on a leash protects you, your dog, other residents and dogs in the community. When dogs are on-leash you can help your pet avoid negative interactions with other people and dogs.

Should your dog bite or attack a person or another animal, your dog may be deemed a dangerous dog and receive a muzzle order. You will also be responsible for any injuries or damage caused by your dog. Avoid accidents by always leashing your dog in public.

Dogs on-leash also protect wildlife as they are unable to chase and attack other animals. At the same time, your dog remains safe from any diseases transmitted from wildlife, such as rabies.

Rules for using dogs off-leash areas

To use dogs off-leash areas, dogs must be vaccinated and licensed. Dog training and electronic devices are not allowed.

The following dogs are not allowed in off-leash areas:

  • Dogs that are aggressive with a history of biting
  • Pitbulls as defined by the Dogs Owner’s Liability Act
  • Female dogs in heat
  • Any dog that has been issued a Dangerous Dog Order by the City

Follow all signs and boundaries when at dogs off-leash areas. Stoop and scoop your dog’s waste and place in green bin/waste receptacles or take home for disposal. Do not leave dogs unattended while in off-leash areas.

Etiquette at dogs off-leash areas

Some dogs do not like other dogs rushing up. It is ok to play with other dogs, as long as both dogs are relaxed and having fun. Your dog should learn that it’s fun to focus on you and play with you instead of needing to always play with other dogs.

Make sure your dog comes to you when called so that you can help your pet avoid problem situations. Once your dog is with you, keep your pet engaged with you and then release to play again.

A fine of up to $365 can be issued for allowing a dog to run off-leash except in a designated dogs off-leash area. The charge is $300, plus a $60 victim’s surcharge, and a $5 administration fee.