Dogs must be kept on a leash whenever they are on any property other than their owners, unless they are in designated dogs off-leash areas. To report a dog off-leash, contact 311.

  • Parks are shared spaces and everyone needs to be responsible and respectful of each other.
  • Owners are responsible for their dog and any injuries or damage caused by any dog in their care.
  • Owners and dog walkers are responsible for ensuring that their dogs are under control.
  • Dogs must be vaccinated and licensed.
  • Dog training/electronic devices are not allowed.

Dogs excluded from off-leash areas include:

  • Dogs that are pit bulls as defined by the Dogs Owner’s Liability Act
  • Female dogs in heat
  • Any dog that has been issued a muzzle order by the City of Toronto.

A fine of up $365 can be issued for allowing a dog to run off leash except in a posted designated leash-free area. The charge is $300, plus a $60 victim’s surcharge, and a $5 administration fee.