The following animals are prohibited in the City of Toronto as per the Animals Bylaw. The fine for having a prohibited animal is $240.

Examples of Prohibited Mammals

  • Cattle, goats, sheep, pigs – and other Artiodactyla
  • Coyotes, wolves, foxes, hybrid wolf dogs – and other Canidae except dogs
  • Bats such as fruit bats, myotis, flying foxes – and other Chiroptera
  • Anteaters, sloths, armadillos – and other Edentates
  • Tigers, leopards, cougars – and other Felidae except domestic cats
  • Hyenas – and other Hyaenidae
  • Hares, pikas – and other Lagomorpha except domestic rabbits
  • Kangaroos, opossums, wallabies – and other Marsupials except sugar gliders derived from self-sustaining captive populations
  • Mink, skunks, weasels, otters, badgers – and other Mustelidae except domestic ferrets
  • Chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, lemurs – and other non-human primates
  • Horses, donkeys, jackasses, mules – and other Perissodactyla
  • Elephants – and other Proboscidae
  • Coatimundi, cacomistles, raccoons – and other Procyonidae
  • Porcupines, prairie dogs – and other Rodentia except rodents which do not exceed 1,500 grams and are derived from self-sustaining captive populations
  • Bears – and other Ursidae
  • Mongooses, civets, genets – and other Viverridae

Examples of Prohibited Birds

  • Ducks, geese, swans, screamers – and other Anseriformes
  • Pheasants, grouse, guinea fowls, turkeys – and other Galliformes
  • Cranes, rails – Gruiformes
  • Flamingos
  • Penguins
  • Flightless ratites such as ostriches, rheas, cassowaries, emus, kiwis – and other Struthioniformes
  • Chickens are prohibited in most areas of the city, except for in four pilot project areas

Examples of Prohibited Reptiles

  • Alligators, crocodiles, gavials – and other Crocodylia
  • All snakes that reach an adult length larger than 3 metres
  • All lizards that reach an adult length larger than 2 metres


  • All venomous and poisonous animals