The 2023 rates and fees outlined below were approved by City Council on February 15, 2023 as part of the 2023 budget process.

Curbside Garbage Bin Collection

Frequency Annual Fee
Bi-weekly Curbside collection $585.20 per cart
Weekly Curbside collection $1,170.42 per cart

Note: Collection frequency is pre-determined by City staff. You are not able to request bi-weekly collection if existing collection is weekly. Applicable only to curbside customers.

Front-End Container Garbage Collection

Type Annual Fee
per lift per Cubic yard (Un-Compacted) $16.10
per lift per Cubic yard (Compacted) $32.22

Premium Green Bin Organics Collection

Once-per-week organics collection is included as part of regular service. More frequent service is considered Premium Green Bin Organics Collection and is subject to an annual fee.

Frequency Annual Fee
2 times per week $464.67
5 times per week $1,742.55
6 times per week $2,323.39

Note: Premium Organics Collection is only available to curbside customers and must be approved by Solid Waste Management Services staff.

Daytime Collection: Place items out before 7 a.m.

Nighttime Collection: Place items out between 6 and 9 p.m.

Premium Organics Service:

  • 2 times per week – Regularly scheduled collection day + Saturday
  • 5 times per week – Monday to Friday
  • 6 times per week – Monday to Saturday

Approved front-end customers must:

  • Unlock chains and padlocks on containers, ensure containers are free from contaminating items and open and secure service gates by 7 a.m.
  • Ensure containers are in the approved location and position and not obstructed by other containers, vehicles, bulky items, etc.
  • Monitor containers daily to prevent overflow problems.
  • Ensure all containers are marked (e.g. R1, R2, G1, G2, etc.) Markings should be a minimum of six inches high and positioned on the front of each container. The owner(s) shall be solely responsible for maintaining the containers in good order.
  • Place containers so that the slot/front of container faces the collection truck with the wheels locked.
  • Check each container daily and remove contaminating items (any item that is not part of the City’s recycling program).

Approved curbside customers must:

  • Place items curbside at appropriate collection times.
  • Ensure containers are free from contaminating items.

Note: Damaged carts will be replaced free of charge for curbside customers.

Accepted Items