The 2024 fees outlined below were approved by City Council as part of the 2024 budget process.

Curbside Garbage Bin Collection

Frequency Annual Fee
Bi-weekly Curbside collection $602.76 per cart
Weekly Curbside collection $1,205.53 per cart

Note: Collection frequency is pre-determined by City staff. You are not able to request bi-weekly collection if existing collection is weekly. Applicable only to curbside customers.

Front-End Container Garbage Collection

Type Annual Fee
per lift per Cubic yard (Un-Compacted) $16.58
per lift per Cubic yard (Compacted) $33.19

Premium Green Bin Organics Collection

Once-per-week organics collection is included as part of regular service. More frequent service is considered Premium Green Bin Organics Collection and is subject to an annual fee.

Frequency Annual Fee
2 times per week $478.61
5 times per week $1,794.83
6 times per week $2,393.09

Note: Premium Organics Collection is only available to curbside customers and must be approved by Solid Waste Management Services staff.

Daytime Collection: Place items out before 7 a.m.

Nighttime Collection: Place items out between 6 and 9 p.m.

Premium Organics Service:

  • 2 times per week – Regularly scheduled collection day + Saturday
  • 5 times per week – Monday to Friday
  • 6 times per week – Monday to Saturday

Approved front-end customers must:

  • Unlock chains and padlocks on containers, ensure containers are free from contaminating items and open and secure service gates by 7 a.m.
  • Ensure containers are in the approved location and position and not obstructed by other containers, vehicles, bulky items, etc.
  • Monitor containers daily to prevent overflow problems.
  • Ensure all containers are marked (e.g. R1, R2, G1, G2, etc.) Markings should be a minimum of six inches high and positioned on the front of each container. The owner(s) shall be solely responsible for maintaining the containers in good order.
  • Place containers so that the slot/front of container faces the collection truck with the wheels locked.
  • Check each container daily and remove contaminating items (any item that is not part of the City’s recycling program).

Approved curbside customers must:

  • Place items curbside at appropriate collection times.
  • Ensure containers are free from contaminating items.

Note: Damaged carts will be replaced free of charge for curbside customers.

Accepted Items