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The Importance of Recycling Right

Bad things happen when non-recyclable material is placed in the Blue Bin. How Bad? Bad enough that it can damage equipment, cause workplace injuries at the recycling facility and ruin otherwise perfectly good recyclables. Contaminated recycling is currently costing the City millions annually and last year more than 52,000 tonnes of non-recyclable material was incorrectly put in the Blue Bin. That’s a big problem you can help fix.

The City is inspecting Blue Bins and those that are found to have a significant amount of non-recyclable material are being tagged and not collected. Homeowners with tagged bins are being given a Recycling Guide and notice indicating why the bin was not collected and instructing them to remove the contamination before the next recycling collection day.

In the future, to help offset the costs associated with contaminated recycling, the City may require a cost recovery payment from those homeowners who set out contaminated recycling bins.

Single-Serve Coffee and Tea Pod Research

The City of Toronto recently commissioned research related to disposal of single-serve coffee and tea pods. The findings include feedback from Toronto residents about use, attitudes, and disposal behaviours.