The 2024 fees outlined below were approved by City Council as part of the 2024 budget process.


Solid Waste Management Services is a rate-based program where residents pay fees for the services they receive based on the size of their garbage bin. The volume-based rate structure was designed to encourage residents to divert as much as possible away from landfill. Residents with the largest garbage bins pay the most and those with the smallest pay the least.

Solid Waste Management Services fees pay for much more than just residential garbage collection. They pay for unlimited collection and processing of recycling, yard waste, organics, oversized and metal items and electronics. They also fund city-wide litter collection, Community Environment Days, street and parks bin collection, drop-off-depots, perpetual care of closed landfills and more.

You can opt out of waste collection services temporarily while renovating, demolishing a house or travelling (6 months or more). During your absence the City will remove your bins. Once you are ready to resume service, you will need to opt back in.

Fees By Bin Size

(1 regular sized bag; 75 litres)
(1½ regular sized bags; 120 litres)
(3 regular sized bags; 240 litres)
(4½ regular sized bags; 360 litres)
Garbage Bin - Small Garbage Bin - Medium Garbage Bin - Large Garbage Bin - Extra Large
$295.29 rate/year $358.47 rate/year $486.86 rate/year $564.71 rate/year

Residents can change the size of their garbage bin by calling 311 or making a request online. A fee of $27.21 will be charged when upsizing your garbage bin. When moving, bins remain property of the City and must stay at the property.

Single-Family Residential Low-Income Relief Program

To minimize the impact of the removal of the rebates on low-income ratepayers, a Single-Family Residential Low-Income Relief Program was created. The program offers assistance to seniors or persons living with a disability who have a household income of $57,112 or less and either a small, medium or large garbage bin or bag-only collection. Learn how to apply for various tax and utility relief programs.

Garbage Bin Size Annual Rebate per Low-Income Property (Approved by City Council)
Small $227.01
Medium $163.76
Large $72.41
Extra Large $0
Bag Only $215.01

Bag-Only Fee & Garbage Tags

Garbage Tags can be purchased online or at Toronto Canadian Tire and Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

Type Annual Rate
Bag-only* $189.05
Garbage Tag $6.32 each

* Bag-only rates are only available to locations with special approval from the City. The bin program is otherwise mandatory for curbside customers. Bag-only customers are also required to buy Garbage Tags for each bag they set out.

Oversized & Metal Items

Customer Type Material Annual Rate (per home and multi-residential unit)
All Residential (Single Family Home and Multi-Residential) Oversized items that do not fit in garbage bag or bin $21.58

Note: The above is an approved annual fee for the collection of oversized and metal items for each single-family home and multi-residential unit, regardless of whether or not the service is used.