The City will pick up additional garbage, recycling and organic waste provided you follow a few simple steps.

Excess Garbage

  • Excess garbage beyond what fits in your bin with the lid closed, must be bagged, tagged and set out beside your Garbage Bin for collection.
  • Garbage Tags are available for purchase online and at Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire locations.
  • Use a regular garbage bag for excess garbage and ensure that the Garbage Tag is attached to the bag and is clearly visible (attach it like you would a luggage tag).
    • Note: Garbage bag should not exceed 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Excess garbage and oversized items are different. The City will pick up oversized items (appliances, furniture, carpets, etc.) on your garbage collection day.

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Excess Recycling

  • Excess recycling should be put in a large clear bag and placed beside the Blue Bin. Ensure bags can fit back into the recycling bin and are placed 0.5 metres apart. Recycling that is placed in black bags or bags that are not clear will be considered garbage.
  • Extra cardboard should be cut into small pieces, flattened and bundled with string or twine. Ensure pieces can fit back into the recycling bin.
  • If you frequently have excess recycling, please upsize your Recycling Bin.

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Excess Organics

  • Excess organics are less of an issue with the new Green Bin as it can hold almost 100 litres of material (the previous bin had a capacity of 46.5 litres).
  • If you find you have organics beyond what can fit in your bin, you can request an additional bin.

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