Toronto receives approximately 130 cm of snow annually and we have a comprehensive snow and ice response plan to tackle it, with operations focused on salting and plowing of roads, sidewalks and bikeways. The plan prioritizes the safety and mobility of residents above all else, particularly emergency and transit vehicles.

Download a copy of this year’s snow clearing mailout.

Salting & Plowing Roads

Discover when and how snow and ice is cleared, including Council approved levels of service.

Sidewalk Clearing

Discover when and how snow and ice is cleared from sidewalks and how you can help.

Bikeways Winter Maintenance

Find out when snow is cleared from bike lanes, cycle tracks and multi-use trails.

Snow Removal After Major Storms

Learn when snow is collected and removed from streets.

Salt Management

Find out how salt is transported, stored and used in Toronto.

Winter Safety Tips

Be safe this winter with these safety tips for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Service Requests

City crews monitor road conditions and actively patrol roads to identify problem areas that need additional service.

Residents can also help to identify problem areas by contacting 311 and submitting a service request for areas requiring additional service.  Crews will be dispatched to inspect and clear the area, as required.