Please Note: PlowTO will be available starting December 1 for this winter season.

The Winter Operations Program keeps roads and sidewalks safe and passable for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. 24-hour patrols continuously check road conditions and staff monitor weather forecasts and pavement temperature.  Even before the snow starts to fall, our crews swing into action and they work continuously until the storm is over. The City has 600 snow plows, 300 sidewalk plows and 200 salt trucks ready to tackle the winter season.

PlowTO Map

Real-time tracking to help you find out when roads have been salted and plowed in your neighbourhood.

Levels of Service for Winter Maintenance

Information on the City’s general levels of service on snow clearing.

Clearing Snow and Ice from your Property

The levels of service for sidewalk clearing and mechanical sidewalk snow clearing service for a senior or person with a disability.

Major Snow Event

What you need to know if a major snow storm event occurs in Toronto.

Winter Safety Tips

Winter Safety tips for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Salt Management Plan

Information on the City's salt management plan.

Snow Storage and Snow Melter Sites

Learn more about snow storage and snow melter sites in the City.