Traffic monitoring cameras are used to monitor roadways to detect collisions, to respond to incidents, monitor congestion, and to respond to emergencies. These cameras are not used for security, law enforcement or municipal licensing enforcement purposes. Expressway cameras are generally installed on 15 m poles. Arterial cameras are typically installed on the top of traffic signal posts or on mast arms. All cameras are monitored on an around-the-clock basis by staff at the City’s Transportation Operations Centre (TOC). Traffic cameras collect anonymous information on a transitory basis and do not store identifiable personal information or identifiable vehicle data.

RESCU operators have full control of the cameras for effective roadway monitoring. When the operators detect an incident or congestion, they will alert motorists by displaying an advisory message on the City’s Variable Message Signs (VMS) and, if necessary, they will inform Toronto Police Services (TPS) of an event that requires Emergency Services response. The operators have the capability to block the cameras from external subscribers when Emergency Services are responding to an incident or if there is a risk of compromising someone’s privacy.