Large quadricycles are pedalled-powered vehicles that can carry 12 or more people, including a driver who has control of steering. Sometimes known as party bikes, they are most often used for tours, taking passengers along a set route with stops at pubs or other destinations along the way. Some large quadricycles have electric motors to assist the pedal power. No alcohol is permitted to be consumed on board.

Under the City’s Large Multi-Passenger Pedalled Vehicles Pilot Project, private companies wishing to operate large quadricycles may apply for pedicab licences under the City’s Licencing Bylaw. This pilot was approved in June 2022, as the City’s approach to opting-in to the Province of Ontario’s Pilot Project – Large Quadricycles which was announced in April 2022.

One vendor participated in the pilot in 2022 and 2023. The experience is being monitored. Lessons learnt from the pilot program will shape proposed regulations for large quadricycles moving forward. Residents can email with any feedback on the pilot.

Under the pilot program in Toronto, operators of large quadricycles need to apply for a pedicab owner’s licence for each vehicle and every driver of a large quadricycle need to apply for a pedicab driver’s licence, both of which are issued by Municipal Licensing and Standards. In addition to the regulations that apply to all pedicabs, operators of large quadricycles must hold $2 million insurance and must have their routes approved by Transportation Services.

City Council has authorized the issuance of a maximum of eight pedicab owner’s licences for large quadricycles . No more than four such licenses can be approved for any single company.

Each pedicab owner’s licence is issued for one year, and can not be leased, transferred or sold. Pedicab drivers must also hold a valid Ontario driver’s licence and also be licensed as a pedicab driver. Learn more about the application requirements and regulations for Pedicab Owners and Pedicab Drivers.

In April, 2022, the Province of Ontario announced the new Pilot Project – Large Quadricycles, made under the Highway Traffic Act. This regulation enables the use of large quadricycles only in municipalities that have opted-in to the pilot. Each municipality can create its own bylaws which further regulate how large quadricycles can be used.

The regulation includes a range of requirements that apply to any large quadricycle, regardless of which municipality is it operating in. This includes that the driver must hold a valid Ontario Driver’s Licence and that the large quadricycle must be equipped with head lights, tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, hazard lights, service brakes and parking brake and have a slow moving vehicle sign on the back. They must not be capable of travelling at 17km/h or greater when on level ground. Large quadricycles and their drivers must follow the same road rules as other vehicles.

The City is engaging stakeholders and receiving comments from the public about the pilot experience. This input will help to consider the impacts of large quadricycles on City streets and any proposed regulatory changes. A report will be presented to Committee in 2024, including a summary of the consultation and any proposed amendments to the regulation of large quadricycles in Toronto.

The City welcomes feedback on pilot project experience. Comments can be sent