The below process describes the actions taken to collect unpaid parking violation fines and notices, without a pending request to review your parking violation being initiated through our parking violation dispute process.

From the date of issue of your parking violation, pay the amount indicated on your notice by the due date.

If your parking violation is unpaid, you will be issued a Notice of Overdue Parking Penalty, with an Address Search Fee applied to the initial parking violation penalty amount. Payment is requested within 15 days.

If your parking violation remains unpaid, as of the thirty-first day, a late fee will be applied, no additional notification will be sent.

If your parking violation still remains unpaid, you will be issued a Notice of Default. Your notice will show the total amount due, including initial parking violation penalty, address search fee, late fee with a request for payment by a due date.

A Plate Denial Enforcement Fee will be applied to your unpaid parking violation. Payment can only be accepted at Service Ontario locations.

Non-Payment of Screening or Hearing Review Decisions

If you have completed a Screening or Hearing Review concerning your Parking Violation Notice, the decision document will show the payable amount due by a requested due date.