Beginning June 6, 2017, North St. Lawrence Market Redevelopment entered Phase 2 of the project, which included demolishing the existing North Market building and conducting further archaeological assessments to conserve any artifacts or structures that are of historical value or interest.

During Phase 2, the archaeological team discovered evidence of the early market buildings on site dating from the 1820, 1831, 1851 and 1904 periods including central drains, lateral brick and stone drains, market walls, storage cellars and support columns. A wide range of artifacts have also been recovered, including pottery, tools, and a glass bottle produced by Toronto pharmacist J.J McLaughlin, who invented Canada Dry ginger ale.

The City of Toronto is committed to the historical preservation and public education of artifacts discovered on this important historical site.

The City has extended the construction tender call for the new building, to allow the project to salvage the remaining archeological finds at the site and examine opportunities for incorporating these elements into the new building design. It is anticipated that construction on the new market building will start in the fall with substantial completion in summer 2020.

The North St. Lawrence Market Redevelopment project is taking place in three phases.