All City buildings, including City Hall, Metro Hall, civic centres and squares are closed to public. Stay up-to-date on all affected City services and when they may resume by visiting

City Hall

Toronto City Hall is the seat of municipal government and corporate head office for Canada’s largest city.

Book City Hall or a Civic Centre

Information about available City Hall and Civic Centre meeting spaces and the booking process.

Book a City Square

Information about public squares available for use.

Museums & Cultural Centre Rentals

Museums and cultural centres available for rent.

Toronto Archives Rentals

Event and meeting space available for rent by the public.

Book Memorial Hall

The Hall is available for business, non-profit, private social and special interest groups.

Union Station

Learn about the busiest, multimodal passenger transportation hub in Canada.

St. Lawrence Market Complex

Information on the St. Lawrence Market Complex, which includes St. Lawrence Hall and the North and South buildings.

First Parliament Project

Discover the historical significance and plans to transform this site into a viable public space.