Since its establishment in 1803, the St. Lawrence Market has been a public asset that brings people together around shared values and experiences of food, community, culture and heritage. Located in and around the original Market Reserve of the Town of York, the Market has served as an anchor for the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, as well as an important social, civic and economic hub for Toronto as a whole for over 200 years. The buildings of the St. Lawrence Market District are key downtown landmarks and are among the most valuable historical sites in Toronto. The District is a place that convenes diverse groups of people – merchants and shoppers, rural and urban, locals and visitors, young and old – to exchange goods and ideas, and to celebrate community.

The St. Lawrence Market is one of the last strongholds of independent food merchants who provide personalized service and quality merchandise that reflects the diversity of Toronto. These entrepreneurial, independent and diverse tenants play a strong role in the success of the District.

The St. Lawrence Market District is a public asset managed by the City of Toronto’s Corporate Real Estate Management Division. The District area is bound by King Street to the North, Market Street to the West, Wilton Street to the South and Jarvis Street to the East. It comprises four buildings: the St. Lawrence Hall, the North St. Lawrence Market (under redevelopment), the South St. Lawrence Market and a new Temporary Market Building. Market Lane Park and the abutting pedestrian right-of-way are also part of the District.

The South Market, the main Market building, is open six days a week and contains more than 60 specialty vendors known for the variety and freshness of their fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, grains, baked goods and dairy products, as well as for the uniqueness of the food and non-food items for sale. The North Market (currently under construction and relocated to a temporary location) is primarily known for its Saturday Farmers’ Market.

For more information and hours of operation, visit the St. Lawrence Market website.

Strategic Plan

The 2023-2027 St. Lawrence Market Complex Strategic Plan presents a collective vision for the District that reflects and activates the ideas and values of the City of Toronto, the St. Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee, current tenants, customers and visitors.

The St. Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee is an advocate for the Market District.

The North St. Lawrence Market Building is being redeveloped to improve the utility of the St. Lawrence Market District for the community, vendors, visitors and shoppers, while contributing to the economic development of the area.