Please review the Corporate Facilities Display and Fundraising Policy before submitting a request for display space to determine if you are eligible.

Qualifying organizations need to have an active public space booking account before they can book an area.


First time booking event/display space at a Civic Centre:

If you have booked event/display space with us before:

Sponsorship of external clients for the purposes of using City Hall, Metro Hall and Civic Centres is no longer required. Existing sponsorships will be honoured until the end of the current Council term in 2018. New applicants will directly apply to Facilities Management for use of City Hall, Metro Hall and Civic Centres for 2017 onward.

Please review the Display Guidelines, as well as the following criteria:

  • No person, group, or organization shall erect or install a display in a Corporate Facility unless the display is erected or installed in accordance with this Policy.
  • Displays must be informative and/or increase awareness about the City, its services and programs, and/or align with City Initiatives.
  • Displays for the purposes of for-profit activities are prohibited in the City’s corporate facilities, unless in partnership with the City of Toronto
  • Placing or erecting displays on the interior or exterior windows of corporate facilities is prohibited, unless required for the operation of corporate facilities.
  • Maintaining the display and ensuring it adheres to this Policy is the responsibility of the individual and/or organization displaying in the City’s corporate facilities.
  • Displays shall not:
    • Represent values and interests contradictory to the City of Toronto’s mission, values, City Initiatives, programs, and services.
    • Obstruct or create barriers to access City facilities and services.
    • Be, or be reasonably perceived to be, discriminatory or derogatory to any person or group of people, on the basis of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, age, marital status, political affiliation, disability or other social factors.
    • Be partisan, political, and/or endorse or oppose a named elected official, political party or a candidate.
    • Impose any health and safety risk.
    • Be out-of-date.
  • Display Areas within the City’s corporate facilities may be used for displays by members of the public or organizations that reside in Toronto in accordance with this Policy.
  • Applicants must be:
    • Other orders of government and related agencies (i.e., Province of Ontario, Government of Canada, Metrolinx).
    • Not-for-profit or charitable organizations.
  • Displays shall not be for profit or fundraising purposes, unless part of an authorized fundraising activity.
  • Requests for a display in a City’s corporate facility by such individuals or entities shall be made using the Civic Centre Public Space Account Application submitted to Corporate Real Estate Management Division for approval and at minimum shall include:
    • Name and contact information of the organizer
    • Title and outline of the display and proposed activity
    • Goals of the activity
    • Timelines (date and times of the reservation)
    • Display Area requested and services required
    • State whether fundraising activity will be taking place
    • Description of display elements
  • Corporate Real Estate Management Division will review the application in accordance with the Policy and notify the Applicant in writing on the status of their application.
  • If the Application is approved, the Applicant must complete and sign the Declaration of Compliance with Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Legislation and City Policy and enter into any agreement as may be required by the City (i.e., insurance).
  • If an applicant would like to request a review of a decision made in accordance with this policy, the applicant may make request a review, in writing, to Corporate Real Estate Management Division.
  • The General Manager, Corporate Real Estate Management will:
    • Review the request and public complaints.
    • Make a determination and respond in writing to the applicant and/or complainant.
  • The General Manager, Corporate Real Estate Management may seek input or advice from other City staff, including: other members of the Corporate Real Estate Management Division, Strategic Communications, and the Equity, Diversity & Human Rights office.
  • Corporate Real Estate Management Division is responsible for enforcing the application of this Policy for all displays within the City’s corporate facilities.
  • The City, through Corporate Real Estate Management Division, reserves the right to remove and dispose of any display that does not comply with City policies (including this Policy) or by-laws, and/or poses a health and safety risk.
  • For displays determined to be non-compliant with this Policy, Corporate Real Estate Management Division will work with the Displayer to obtain compliance or, where compliance cannot be achieved, shall require immediate removal of the display.
  • Failure to abide by this Policy will result in removal of the display, withdrawal of permission to use the Display Area, and may result in the denial of future requests.