The guidelines below complement the City of Toronto Corporate Facilities Display and Fundraising Policy and Terms & Conditions.  It provides an outline of considerations for the use of display areas in Civic Centres.

  1. Display space is reserved for public service information displays, originating from governments (Toronto, Ontario, or Canada), agencies of government or community agencies or groups that serve the people of the City of Toronto.
  2. Displays must provide information or increase awareness about government or other services available to the people who live in or visit the City of Toronto.
  3. Community associations will be permitted to exhibit cultural displays which increase awareness and understanding about the diverse groups which make up the City of Toronto.
  4. In special circumstances, displays supporting the City of Toronto’s national and international initiatives related to the Sister City program, economic development and trade events, and disaster relief programs will be permitted in the Rotunda.
  1. Displays shall not exploit the bodies of men, women, boys or girls solely for the purpose of attracting attention.
  2. Displays shall not stereotype according to race, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, citizenship, colour, creed, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, family or marital status, or any ground covered by the City of Toronto Human Rights and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy.
  3. Displays shall not promote the hatred or discrimination of any group covered by the City of Toronto Human Rights and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy.
  4. Displays shall be consistent with the principle of respect for the dignity and worth of all people.
  5. Displays shall not be political or exclusively religious, that is, they must not advocate a specific political or religious point of view, or a particular stance on any issue.  Any religious reference must be in the context of a cultural event.
  6. Displays shall have a high City of Toronto content; that is, displays must provide information or increase awareness about services and communities that have an obvious connection with the City of Toronto.
  7. All groups must provide proper signage for exhibits and displays. The content and the overall appearance of all displays, including both written, audio, and visual components, will be of a high professional standard.
  8. Displays cannot be used to solely promote individual artists for commercial purposes.
  9. Displays cannot promote the commercial enterprise responsible for the creation or production of those images, unless as a part of a City of Toronto program, initiative or partnership.

Accessibility, Safety and Security

All City of Toronto properties are public facilities, therefore, no display may block or hinder the normal passageways for pedestrians (including furniture, displays, cords, etc).For safety and security reasons, all exits, stairwells and security/reception desks must remain accessible at all times.  All security and life safety requirements must be coordinated through the Facility Event Coordinator, in conjunction with the Supervisor of Security Services for the City of Toronto property.

Admission Fees

No Individual or group fees can be charged to view displays held on City of Toronto properties.

Amplified Sound

The event organizer is responsible for adhering to the City of Toronto Sound By-law. A sound meter is to be used to monitor decibel level at all times.  Amplified sound may not be permitted in public spaces during business hours as it may interfere with building operations. The type and timing of sound amplification systems and instrumentation must be discussed with and approved by the Facility Event Coordinator in advance of an event.


Public space, facilities and properties within the jurisdiction of the City of Toronto, and owned or leased by recipients of City grants will not be available or accessible to any individual or group that promotes views and ideas which are likely to promote discrimination, contempt or hatred, for any person on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, color, citizenship, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, political affiliation, receipt of public assistance or level of literacy.

The City of Toronto (through its Corporate Real Estate Management Division, as well as through incorporating the above statement in contracts/agreements with recipients of City grants) requests potential users of public space to certify that they will not be conducting any business that violates the Criminal Code of Canada – hate propaganda laws and human rights act.  The City of Toronto reserves the right to remove any displays, without notice, should it violate or conflict the City of Toronto Human Rights and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy, or discriminate against any group protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Only pre-approved artwork and displays can be exhibited. Artwork, supportive materials (such as information pamphlets), and audio-visual components must be submitted for approval at least two weeks in advance of the display date.

For any controversial display pieces, those items will be referred to a City of Toronto Arts & Display Committee for discussion and approval.

Copy Rights

Credit to all artists and publications must be provided. For any copies, reproduction or copyrighted material proper documentation must be provided.


All scheduling of loading and unloading privileges will be arranged based on availability and must be coordinated at least two weeks in advance through a Facility Event Coordinator. Freight elevators may also be used and are scheduled in specific time blocks based on availability. If you have to arrange deliveries outside City of Toronto hour of operations, a charge for additional staffing may apply.

Electrical Power

All electrical requirements and plans are to be presented two weeks prior to the event for approval by the Facility Event Coordinator. Additional electrical services may be made available upon request and additional costs may be incurred. Please note that power access/resources vary per venue and may be limited. The organizer is responsible for providing pre-approved extension cables and cable matting.


A limited amount of audio visual equipment and furniture may be available for your use free of charge, on a first come, first serve basis. Please speak with the Facility Event Coordinator for more details.


An installation and dismantling schedule must be coordinated and pre-approved in advance through the Facility Event Coordinator. Please note that there will be no taping, gluing, pinning, stapling, or nailing into the display panels, walls, columns, windows, furniture etc. Groups may have to provide their own hanging materials and fixtures for all displays and exhibits. Displays should be fully constructed off site. Only assembly is permitted on site. A representative for the group must be present during the setup and removal of all display pieces. All groups are responsible to return the display space to its original state.


Insurance must be obtained for all artwork and displays. A copy of the insurance naming the City Of Toronto as co-insured must be provided two weeks before the start of the booking. A detailed listing of all artwork and exhibit pieces along with the dollar value of each item must be included with the copy of insurance to the Facility Event Coordinator. The City of Toronto is not responsible for any stolen or misplaced items left on the property.  In the event that should happen, please call the City of Toronto Facility Event Coordinator.

The organizer/applicant is responsible for any costs related to an event which has not been otherwise agreed to, in writing, prior to the event. The event organizer is liable for any loss or damage to City of Toronto property or equipment. These costs are payable immediately upon receipt of an invoice by the event organizer.


All City of Toronto Civic Centre properties have various lighting capabilities and must be requested in advance. Please note that all properties have emergency lighting, which cannot be dimmed or turned off.


Please confirm media involvement with the Facility Event Coordinator.

Number of Yearly Bookings

Each group is allowed two bookings for the year. These bookings can not be made consecutively. In order to allow other groups an opportunity to use the space, advanced bookings can be for a maximum of one week.


If you have booked event/display space before and have an up-to-date Civic Centre Public Space Account, you may book again.

Or, you may book with us for the first time.


Displays shall not be for profit or commercial purposes, unless part of an authorized fundraising activity.

Save and Hold Harmless Clause

Save and Hold Harmless Clause Form must be completed and received by the Facility Event Co-ordinator prior to any setup of a display or exhibition. This form signifies that the City of Toronto is not responsible for any damage done to the displays, during the setup and removal of any display pieces. A representative of the group, presenting the display/exhibition, must be present at these times.


Additional staff may be required during an event. After finalization of event details, the Supervisor of Customer Service will forward specific staff requirements. The rates can apply to the following staffing services (based on a four-hour minimum):

  • Audio/Visual Staff
  • Coordinator
  • Electrician
  • Foreperson
  • Housekeeping Personnel
  • Security Staff
  • Technical Staff


Should your organization want to host a reception, please contact the Facility Event Coordinator to confirm availability of space, catering set-up and audio-visual requirements.


Storage space is not provided on any City of Toronto property.

Tentative Bookings

Please note that a tentative booking of the display space does not guarantee that your request for a display will be granted.

Important Information

  1. If at any time an organization or an organization’s Displays, signage, information or other activities associated with the use of the City Civic Centre do not comply with any City Policy, including but not limited to the Corporate Facilities Display and Fundraising Policy, the Terms and Conditions, and the Human Rights and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy, the City may at its sole discretion:
    1. Place a hold on the organization’s ability to book any Civic Centre Public Space, until the organization complies with all City Policies;
    2. Suspend the organization’s account;
    3. Refuse any request to book Civic Centre Public Space, until the organization complies with all City Policies; or
    4. Remove any Displays, signage, information or any materials erected in a Civic Centre Public Space without notice.
    5. Refuse any request to conduct fundraising or commercial activity.
  2. Tentative booking of a date does not guarantee permission to hold your event. Your event is confirmed only when you receive a Permit once all information is received and approved.
  3. Please be advised that due to legislative requirements and/or emergencies, scheduled meetings/events may be cancelled and/or moved to an alternate date or location via last minute notification.
  4. The organization agrees that a decision made under sections 1, 2 and 3 are final and shall save and hold harmless the City, its officers, employees, agents, members of Council and the Mayor of any loss or damage associated with a decision made under sections 1, 2 and 3.