Union Station, one of Toronto’s most iconic buildings, and the busiest transit hub in North America, is being restored to better serve the 300,000 visitors that pass through every day.

The goal is reshape the way people experience Union Station, preserve a proud part of Toronto’s history, and to make this crown jewel spectacular again.

When the revitalization is complete, Union Station will have doubled the pedestrian capacity, restored important heritage elements, and transformed into a major destination for shopping, dining and community gathering.

You May Notice Changes Around the Station!

  • York Concourse and the VIA Panorama lounge have undergone significant renovations;
  • Two new bike parking stations have been installed; and,
  • The dig down under the York Concourse has allowed us to create a new lower retail level and the Union Food Court.

The Union Food Court marks a significant milestone in the revitalization project.  It is the first area to open as part of the newly constructed lower retail level, and offers 10 new food retailers, a seating capacity for more than 600 people, and 25,000 square feet of space at the Station.

Looking Ahead

During the next year, we will continue to complete the restoration of the Great Hall, the VIA Concourse, the new Bay Concourse and lower retail level. In addition, the glass moat covers located on Front St. and York and Bay, will provide commuters with shelter from the elements when accessing the Station from street level and the TTC.

Union Station’s revitalization is an $800-million City initiative supported by investments of $164 million from the Government of Canada, $191.8 million from the Government of Ontario.