Since 1999, University Health Network’s (UHN) Energy & Environment department, has steered environmental stewardship at UHN, bringing a sustainability lens to the hospital’s vision of “A Healthier World”.

Embodying the value of stewardship, the team supports UHN’s purpose of “Transforming lives and communities through excellence in care, discovery and learning” by collaborating across the organization to create a culture of sustainability. UHN leads healthcare environmental sustainability locally, nationally, and around the globe. In 2019, UHN was recognized with Global Green & Healthy Hospitals 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge gold awards for Climate Resiliency and Climate Leadership, and Smart Commute’s platinum designation for sustainable transportation.

By embedding a systematic approach to environmental stewardship, UHN receives a triple benefit to environmental, financial, and human health that far outweighs the efforts. This core UHN value powers patient and planet-centred care.

Accomplishments at the Building Portfolio

  • Number of buildings enrolled: 11 of 11
  • GHG Emissions Intensity: 8.04 kgCO₂e/sq ft²/yr
  • Total GHG Emissions: 49,134 tCO₂e/yr

Chiller Plant Retrofit at Bickle Centre

The chiller plant retrofit project is expected to save 647,000 kWh electricity savings per year.

Energy Valve Project at Toronto General Hospital

Installed energy valves on seven air handling units to improve low delta-T (the difference in temperature between chilled water supply and return) and the operation of chilled water pumps. The energy valves with built-in flow meters and temperature sensors continuously monitor the chilled water flow. Estimated annual savings:

GHG emission reduction of 14 tonnes
Cost savings of $41,000
Electricity savings of 358,000 kWh

Energy Management led by Green Team with 718 Members

Seven hundred and eighteen Green Team members are committed to greening UHN through day-to-day action. In 2019, 4,606 staff were trained. Since 2000, UHN has trained 35,795 staff as Green Team members.

LED Lighting Retrofit at Toronto General Hospital is expected to save $12,500 in electricity cost per year

Old metal halide lighting fixtures were replaced with LEDs. The lighting retrofit is expected to save $12,500 electricity cost per year, resulting in a two-year payback on the investment.

Thirty-six Electric Vehicle Chargers Installed

To date, UHN has installed 36 electric vehicle chargers across the portfolio.

Deep Lake Water Cooling at Toronto General Hospital and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Toronto General Hospital converted an old central chilled water plant into Enwave’s district Deep Lake Water Cooling system, which resulted in:

  • 269 tonnes of annual GHG emission reduction
  • 7,000,000 kWh of annual electricity savings
  • 65,000,000 litres of annual water savings

The project is expected to save over $22 million over 20 years.

The Deep Lake Water Cooling system was expanded to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in April 2020 and estimated to have saved 3,300,000 kWh of electricity to date.

Disclaimer: Profiles presented are based on information provided by participants. Participants’ GHG emissions performance published are based on utility data submitted and converted to GHG emissions. The emission factors applied aligns with the period of energy data reported (2019). The emission factors utilized for the conversion are calculated based on a combination of sources: Government of Canada (National Inventory Report & Canada’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Quantification Requirements), Government of Ontario (Guide: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting), The Atmospheric Fund (A Clearer View on Ontario’s Emissions – Electricity emissions factors and guidelines) and Enbridge Gas Inc. (Chemical Composition of Natural Gas).