Enter the address of interest in the search bar below to determine if there are any potential sewers in the vicinity of your project. Click the blue tab(s), which represent pipe sections, to see the approximate temperatures, flows, heating capacities and cooling capacities of the sewers identified on the Map.

If you determine that there is a potentially viable sewer for your project, please contact energyreview@toronto.ca for the application and implementation next steps.

Learn more about the Map in the “About the Wastewater Energy Map” section below.

DisclaimerThis Wastewater Energy Map (the “Map”) is intended for information purposes only to assist you in preparing and submitting your application and any additional confidential information to the City of Toronto (the “City”). In using and relying on the Map, you agree that the City is not responsible for any inaccuracies and is not liable to you for any adverse impacts from such use or reliance. Following review of your submission, City staff may provide you with more detailed and tailored information and eventually one or more legal agreements to review and sign.


About the Wastewater Energy Map

The City of Toronto’s Wastewater Energy mapping tool was created through a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis of available temperature and flow data from the City sewer system. The modelled values expressed in the Map were determined using data from select flow and temperature monitoring stations existing in the City sewer system at the time of analysis based on the following criteria:

  1. Large upstream catchment area (typically a trunk sewer);
  2. Steady, reliable data records (i.e., continuous data, no apparent sensor ‘drift’ or error values);
  3. Presence of both flow and temperature data; and
  4. Long-term period of record (more than one season preferred).

Please note that the Map only includes sanitary and combined sewers with a flow rate greater than 25L/s. Flow rates below this threshold are unlikely to have sufficient heating/cooling capacity to justify the expense of a Wastewater Energy project.