The City inspects industrial properties and businesses and takes samples of wastewater discharged to the sewer system. The City ensures the samples meet the strict limits set by the Sewers By-law for hazardous waste and other harmful contaminants, such as heavy metals. Failure to comply with the By-law can result in fines up to $100,000 per day.

Some waste, like wastewater from food processing plants (i.e., breweries, dairies, and meat packers) are treatable at the City’s sewage treatment plants. In these cases, industries can enter into an Industrial Waste Surcharge Agreement with Toronto Water.

Other waste, like hauled sewage, cannot be discharged into the sewers, but can be delivered to certain sewage treatment plants under a Hauled Sewage Discharge Agreement.

Sometimes industries require time to resolve the issue causing the discharge over the limit. In these cases, industries can enter into a Compliance Program Agreement where a period of time is granted to rectify the issue.

Information regarding each program can be found below. For more information regarding applications and guidelines, contact 311.