Hydrant Obstructions

Hydrants must be kept clear and unobstructed at all times according to the Ontario Fire Code Regulation 388/97 and Toronto’s Water Supply By-law.

If you have a fire hydrant on your property or City property adjacent to yours, it is your responsibly to ensure the hydrant is visible and unobstructed at all times. This includes ensuring hydrants:

  • have at least 1.2 meters of space around them at all times
  • are clear of snow, trees and other vegetation

If an owner fails to provide the proper clearances on or around a hydrant after being notified to do so by the City of Toronto, the City may remove the obstructions or encroachments and the owner will be required to pay the City all costs associated with the removal.

Unauthorized Use of Hydrants

To protect the City’s drinking water from contaminants, hydrants cannot be used to take water for any purpose other than fighting fires or for water system maintenance without a permit issued by Toronto Water.

Permits can be obtained for specific uses, such as special events, like marathons and festivals. Once a permit has been obtained, Toronto Water staff will turn the hydrant on and off.

If you observe anyone taking water from a hydrant that is not Toronto Fire Services or City of Toronto staff, please call 311 immediately.