The Broader Construction Association Consultation Group (BCACG) brings together the City and various construction associations to discuss general issues concerning the procurement, administration and execution of construction-related contracts. The BCACG meetings, facilitated by the Purchasing Materials and Management Division (PMMD), are held three times a year.

The Broader Construction Association Consultation Group (BCACG) was established with the intent to provide a means for regular engagement with companies involved in the construction industry (i.e. engineering & architectural design, general contractors and subcontractors), as represented by members of various identified Broader Construction Associations.

The BCACG is dedicated to identify general issues concerning the procurement, administration, and execution of construction related contracts that impact companies involved in the design and construction industries and the City, in order to determine and facilitate the implementation of ways to improve or solve the issues identified.

The BCACG will be chaired by the Chief Purchasing Official and Director, Purchasing and Materials Management Division (the “Chair”), and will be composed of:

  1. Internal representation by a  Division Head from each of the City’s Construction Divisions, including ECS, Transportation, Toronto Water and Facilities Management, (“City Senior Managers”);
  2. Representation from Division Heads of other City Divisions, as needed.
  3. President, Chief Staff Officer or equivalent of identified Broader Construction Associations (“Associations”).

The Associations represented shall be (but not necessarily limited to):

  1. Consulting Engineers of Ontario
  2. Greater Toronto Sewer & Watermain Contractors Association
  3. Heavy Construction Association of Toronto
  4. Ontario Architects Association
  5. Ontario Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure
  6. Ontario General Contractors Association
  7. Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association
  8. Ontario Road Builders Association
  9. Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario
  10. Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario
  11. Toronto and Area Road Builders Association – TARBA

Meetings will be held three times a year, facilitated by the Purchasing Materials and Management Division (PMMD). Meetings will be scheduled for two (2) hours, or as Agenda items require. Meetings will be scheduled in advance over a calendar year and ad hoc meetings will be called as necessary. The agenda, minutes and action logs will be developed and distributed in accordance with Appendix 1 – Broader Construction Association Consultation Group Procedures.

The overarching goal and objective of the BCACG is to enhance the relationship between the City and the Associations by facilitating open and on-going consultations on matters such as (but not limited to):

  • areas of opportunity to improve the way the City offers and executes construction related contracts;
  • ways the Associations can better support the City’s construction projects;
  • feedback on proposed changes made as a result of work conducted by the CWG;
  • outlook on future City construction plans and requirements; and
  • emerging trends and issues in the construction industry,

For further information, please refer to the Broader Construction Association Consultation Group Terms of Reference