The night economy describes the social, cultural and economic activities that take place between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. in Toronto. It not only encompasses enjoying Toronto’s nightlife, but also amenities and support for those who work at night including individuals who help manage life at night, such as hospitality industry workers, bar owners, shift workers, and emergency services professionals. A healthy night economy supports all the needs of its residents and visitors at night.

Read the Good Neighbour Guide for Late Night Businesses (6 MB) for comprehensive resources and best practices for live music venues, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, retailers, service providers and others operating late hours.

The City of Toronto will strengthen Toronto’s nightlife over the next three years, using, and in some cases re-aligning, existing City resources through three main objectives:

  1. Plan the Night – Coordinate a strategic approach with municipal services, planning and policies to enhance 24-hour activity.
  2. Protect the Night – Provide support to Toronto’s nightlife to promote a safe, respectful, inclusive and positive environment for all residents, workers and visitors.
  3. Create the Night – Build a foundation that encourages a vibrant nightlife by supporting talented artists and entrepreneurs, creating jobs and spurring economic growth for Toronto.

To meet these objectives, the City of Toronto formed the Night Economy Internal Working Group, which consists of senior representatives across City divisions who will work together with night industry stakeholders to make meaningful changes that will ensure Toronto’s night experience is safe and positive for everyone.

The City is looking for input from the general public and from groups including industry professionals, business owners, cultural event producers and residents.

As part of this review, the City intends to:

  • explore new ways to activate space and enhance livability for everyone who works at night or is interested in cultural or social experiences after dark
  • create strategies that promote safe and enjoyable communities for all
  • update the definitions, rules, and licensing for bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues
  • change regulations that define where these businesses can operate in Toronto

More information is available on the Licensing and Zoning Review for Restaurants, Bars and Entertainment Venues webpage.

The City hosted public consultations to provide opportunities for people to share their ideas. Feedback from residents, industry professionals, business owners and operators and the staff that work within these industries will inform strategies for enhancing Toronto’s night economy, as well as zoning and licensing recommendations and proposed bylaw amendments for Committee and Council consideration in fall 2023.