View the Strengthening Toronto’s Night Economy report and learn about the key recommended actions as a result of the Toronto Nightlife Action Plan.


Night economy describes the social, cultural, and economic activities that take place between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. in Toronto. These activities include entertainment such as attending concerts or going out to eat, practical necessities like grocery shopping, and performing actual employment. A major component of the night economy is the nighttime workforce, including those who help manage life at night, such as hospitality industry workers, bar owners, shift workers, and emergency services professionals. A healthy night economy supports all the needs of its residents at night.

Including the night economy in municipal planning is essential. Doing so allows more residents to access City services, run errands, and travel throughout the city at night. By taking a strategic approach to managing and planning for the night, Toronto can be proactive in addressing any concerns with increasing night activities – such as noise and safety.

The City of Toronto will strengthen Toronto’s nightlife over the next three years, using, and in some cases re-aligning, existing City resources through three main objectives:

  1. Plan the Night – Coordinate a strategic approach with municipal services, planning and policies to enhance 24-hour activity.
  2. Protect the Night – Provide support to Toronto’s nightlife to promote a safe, respectful, inclusive and positive environment for all residents, workers and visitors.
  3. Create the Night – Build a foundation that encourages a vibrant nightlife by supporting talented artists and entrepreneurs, creating jobs and spurring economic growth for Toronto.

To meet these objectives, the City of Toronto has formed the Night Economy Internal Working Group, which consists of senior representatives across City divisions who will work together with night industry stakeholders to make meaningful changes that will ensure Toronto’s night experience is safe and positive for everyone.