With realities of growing population, development, pollution and climate change, your help is crucial to sustain a healthy natural forest with trees that can regenerate and reproduce naturally.

Toronto’s urban forest is made up of over 11.5 million trees on our streets, yards, parks, ravines and natural areas. It is critical green infrastructure that supports and sustains our health and well-being. They store 1.1 million tonnes of carbon, and sequester 35,165 gross tonnes of carbon each year. They remove 972 tonnes of pollution and prevents 23,081 tonnes of carbon emissions each year through energy savings.

Your donations will support on-the-ground action that will help protect us against some of the worst effects of climate change. It will support vital planting and stewardship initiatives on both public and private land, such as our numerous community planting and stewardship events, exciting new programs and partnerships on private land, and the urban forestry grants program. 100 per cent of your donation is directly used to sustain and grow our trees and urban forest.


See how you can join us to plant trees, shrubs and wildflowers, and help grow Toronto's urban forest.

Grants and Incentives

With the most potential for planting on private land, everyone’s participation is critical. See what grants and programs we offer for private land.

Street Tree Planting

Submit a tree planting request for the City-owned road allowance in front of your home or business.